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Apple iPhone 12 – I Cant Believe It!

Apple iPhone 12 – I Cant Believe It!

we’ve got plenty of apple iphone 12 news this week including some unwanted   surprises and i’ll be sharing the details right after this. If you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech   please hit subscribe followed by the bell, you can also keep up   on facebook instagram and twitter by clicking the links in the description. 

So this week we’ve got a few more leaks on the apple iphone 12 but unfortunately   most of it is going to be considered bad we’ve got news the iphone 12 may   cost more than we thought the camera layout might be completely different   than we expected we’ve got some more bad information on its release before we get   started though please like the video if you’re waiting on the apple iphone.

12 and let me know in the comments what phone you’re watching with now for the   first story of the day and it may be good or bad depending on how you look   at it but apple leaker comia has taken to twitter to advise that the apple   iphone 12 prices we’ve been hoping for could actually all be wrong first he.

says that the standard 5.4 inch iphone 12 the 5g model is going to start at 699   for the 64 gig 749 for the 128 and 849 dollars for the 256 gig version   he says the 5g 6.1 inch iphone 12 max is going to be 799 dollars for 64 gigs   849 for 128 and 949 dollars for 256 gig the 6.1 inch iphone 12 pro is going to.

be 1049 for 128 gig 1149 for 256 and 1349 if you want the 512 gig finally   the 6.7 inch iphone 12 pro max is apparently starting at 1149 for the 128   gig version we’ve got 1249 for the 256 and 1449 if you want the 512 gig version   so these prices are much higher than we originally thought but at the same time   we need to remember this has not been confirmed his twitter account was only   created on the 3rd of june and i have to say i hadn’t heard of him until recently   so we’re gonna have to wait and see his accuracy but i wouldn’t worry   too much for now he also advises that the cameras are going to be different.

to the renders we’ve seen and that the lidar sensor on the iphone 12 is going   to be much smaller than expected it’s going to be three larger lenses with   the lidar sensor smaller in the bottom right corner now i’m being   told that this camera information is actually correct so my advice is   going to be to disregard for now but we’re going to have to wait and see   some of you may have also seen that john prosser tweeted a few days ago   to say that the iphone 12 and the new ipads are going to be launched in.

october instead of september now this has now unfortunately been confirmed   by apple as well luca maestri who is apple’s chief financial officer stated   despite the sales of last year’s new generation iphones going on   sale in september this year the company project supplies going to be available a   few weeks later now no reason was given for this but of course it’s going to be   down to the current outbreak we’ve also had 9-5 mac forcing the ios simulator   to run at a resolution of 960 by 2079 in ios 14 and it of course worked perfectly   so this further confirms that the smallest iphone 12 is going to be.

a 5.4 inch display now it’s a shame i had to deliver mainly bad news today   so we’re going to try and end with some good people are saying that there’s not   going to be an in-display fingerprint scanner but i’ve been told that there   will be also as i said in my previous video i would look into the disabled   120 hertz display and it appears that that’s also false many are claiming that   the hardware is going to be capable of 120 hertz but apple are going to   disable it and this just isn’t true i’m being told that the iphone 12 pro and.

the iphone 12 pro max are both going to have 120 hertz adaptive displays   which are going to function as expected it’s now expected that all four models   are going to launch on the first or the second week of october and   we pretty much have all of the details for all of the models we’re going to run   through each model specs design and price but for my regular subscribers   you guys would have already seen this so just skip to the next video but if   you’re new here then hit subscribe now and we’re going to get right into it to.

start with we’ve got the entry level model of the apple iphone 12 and this   is just going to be called the iphone 12. it’s a 5.4 inch iphone with an oled   super retina display from samsung it’s important to note straight off the bat   that super retina means absolutely nothing so don’t get too caught up on   that but nonetheless it’s going to be an oled display with a resolution of 2340   by 1080 and this gives us 475 pixels per inch and it’s got an 8-bit color   depth well there have been rumors of all models having 120 hertz displays.

unfortunately it appears that this model is only going to be 60 hertz   it’s going to be equipped with 4 gigs of ram and it’s going to   come with the choice of 128 or 256 storage it’s got an aluminium frame   and of course it uses the apple a14 bionic chip with 5g support   the iphone 12 is coming with dual cameras on the rear and it will of   course be shipping with ios 14. for those that want the full gig of ram.

with 128 storage it’s launching at a price of 649 if you want to upgrade   it to the 256 gig iphone 12 then it’s 750. next up we’ve got the iphone 12 max   to be clear this is the max and not the pro max the iphone 12 max has a   6.1 inch oled display this again is a super retina oled display and we believe   it’s now going to be manufactured by either samsung or lg as boe did   not pass the quality assurance tests it comes with a resolution of 2532 by 1170   and this gives us 460 pixels per inch and again it has an 8-bit color depth we.

get 4 gigs of ram a choice of 128 or 256 storage and of course the iphone 12 max   is powered by the a14 bionic chip it’s got an aluminium frame a 5g connectivity   and it uses a dual camera setup on the rear for those that want the 128 gig   iphone 12 max it’s going to be launching at a price of 749   for those that want the 256 gig version then the price rises to 849   next up we’ve got the iphone 12 pro the iphone 12 pro also has a 6.1 inch   display so it’s actually the same size as the iphone 12 max but we do have an.

improved display in specs on the iphone 12 pro we’ve got a 6.1 inch super retina   oled display with pro motion and 10-bit color depth the display is manufactured   by samsung and has a resolution of 25 2532 by 1170 giving us 460 pixels per   inch we are very hopeful of this 120hz pro motion display but it’s   still been unconfirmed and there are a few people saying this may not happen   the iphone 12 pro comes with six gigs of ram and a choice of 128 256 or even 512   gig storage it of course ships with the apple a14 bionic chipset and the iphone   12 pro is 5g compatible it comes in a stainless steel frame and on the rear.

we get a triple camera setup along with a lidar sensor for depth for the 128 gig   iphone 12 pro it’s going to be 999 for the 256 it’s 1099 for the 512 gig iphone   12 pro it’s gonna be 1 299 last but not least we have the iphone 12 pro max   the iphone 12 pro max comes with a 6.7 inch oled display again this is a super   retina display and hopefully with pro motion we get a 10 bit color depth and   of course it is manufactured by samsung it’s got a resolution of 2778 by 1284   and this gives us 458 pixels per inch again we expect and hope it’s going to   be a 120 hertz pro motion display but there are a few people saying.

otherwise it comes with six gigs of ram and 128 256 or 512 internal storage   it’s got a stainless steel frame and the iphone 12 pro max is of course powered   by the a14 bionic chipset and this does have 5g support just like the iphone 12   pro we get three cameras on the rear along with a lidar sensor for those   who want the 128 gig iphone 12 pro max it’s going to launch at a price of 1099   if you want the 256 gig version it’s 1199 and for those that want the most   expensive in the range the 512 iphone 12 pro max is going to be launching at   a whopping 1 399 now it is of course important to note that these pricing.

leaks came very early on from john prosser he has provided plenty of   accurate leaks but also got some of them wrong recently he also provided this   very early on so there is a chance that things could change but personally i   think that they’re at least going to be very close to what we see   overall the apple iphone 12 is proving to be a great range of iphones   that many of you guys are looking forward to it’s great that we’ve got   all of this information already but personally i do like that we still.

have some uncertainty as it’s nice to have some surprises at launch while   there may be delays in the release date the launch is expected to be   on time and that will of course be the 8th of september this year   given the current outbreak it’s likely that it’s again going to be an online   only launch event similar to their last worldwide developer conference as always   though if any more information comes to light i’ll be sharing with you guys   straight away but as always i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments.

who out there is waiting for the apple iphone 12 and did you expect this delay   but thanks for watching the video if you liked it smash the thumbs up   if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and i’ll see you guys in the next one so

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