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Apple is working Foldable Smartphone self-healing Display

Apple is working on a foldable smartphone with a self-healing display

Remember a few days ago I made a video saying it’s time for Apple to make a foldable smartphone. Well, technically Apple already has two foldable the iPhone 6 and the iPad Pro. Jokes aside, It’s been well known at this point that Apple has been working on a foldable smartphone behind closed doors and we have a new patent published by Apple that reveals some of the plans of Apple on how they want to take on this foldable genre.

You see for now the biggest drawback of foldable smartphones is their displays. Even though Samsung is using ultra-thin Glasson their foldable but the current implementation gets scratched at level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3, most importantly it scratches even with fingernails. Samsung is avoiding this to a certain degree by installing a self-healing screen protector on the Galaxy Z Fold 2. And it looks like that’s exactly what Apple is in store for their foldable phone as well albeit it’s going to be a little more advanced than that.

Apple is working on a foldable smartphone with a self-healing display

According to a newly granted patent, Apple is developing a self-healing display cover, allowing the device to repair dents or scratches covering the screen. The patent explains that this cover layer may include a layer of elastomer that can lose and regain its shape to keep the sensitive inner workings of a device protected. Additionally, the patent says this self-healing layer would use heat, light, or electric current to repair itself which means it happens automatically such as when the device is being charged or on a predetermined schedule.


So in theory this makes the foldable smartphones much less susceptible to damage and increases the durability of these handsets. Now, this technology isn’t new by any means. In fact, it has been implemented in a smartphone7 years ago in 2013 by LG on LG G Flex. Of course it was implemented on the backside of the phone rather than the front. And surprisingly the scratches go away ina matter of minutes.

It doesn’t completely remove them, but apparently makes the marks almost invisible to the naked eye. If the scratch is deep enough as in made by a sharp object such as a knife then the material doesn’t remove the scratch completely but makes it appear far less visible than it would on a regular phone. So good to know Apple is working on something similar. Like I’ve said Samsung’s foldable smartphones already have this material in the form of a screen protector but it’s very thin and isn’t as advanced as LG’s self-healing material.

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But I’m positive with time the technology is going to get better and fingers crossed for that. By the way, Apple has already placed a large order with Samsung Display for providing foldable samples for at least one year. Going by the claim from Ice Universe, Appletested out those sample units and ordered a fresh batch of foldable display samples from Samsung. So Apple is surely working on a foldable smartphone and that’s a great thing for the foldable genre.

But like I’ve said in my last video, time for Apple to launch a foldable smartphone already. I mean Samsung is already into a third generation with their foldable phones and I don’t think Apple has any reason to delay releasing one to the public. But knowing Apple, it’s almost certain that they are going to wait for few more years when the technology is fully matured and when the risk factor is almost zero, they will come up with a foldable smartphone and you know the rest.

To be honest, Apple has the potential to make the foldable better than Samsung software-wise because they own the iOS platform something Samsung doesn’t have the privilege with Android. With that said let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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