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Apple said the fingerprint scanner on the iPad Air

Apple said the fingerprint scanner on the iPad Air

So it’s well known at this point that Apple is a type of company that likes to live in a world where they think they are the only tech company and no one else. They are also a type of company that copies existing technology from other companies and call it innovation.

I mean just a few days ago I said this exact same thing and now we have the Vice President of Apple just validating my statement. Apple’s VP of hardware engineering and Apple’sVP of product marketing are featured in the latest episode of iJustine’s podcast where they talked about the new iPad Air that Apple launched recently where the VP of product marketing says that implementing the Touch ID sensor into the top button in a much smaller form factor was “an incredible feat of engineering.”

Apple said the fingerprint scanner on the iPad Air

This same incredible feat of engineering has been done 5 years ago by Sony. The Xperia Z5 Compact was one of the first phones that had a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button on the side. The Galaxy S10e has one at the side, so does the Galaxy Fold and many others. Heck, even $100 phones have fingerprint scanners embedded on the power button at the side. It’s just laughable that Apple pretends that no other product exists in this world.

Apple Said WHAT?!

They have created this fake narrative to their fans that they take time to perfect the technology and they don’t rush it. I mean just look at some of the sheep in response to this story. “It’s about getting it right not making it first” “You’re not an engineer to understand these great accomplishments” and whatnot. And Let’s not forget these sheep are talking about a fingerprint scanner on the power button.

A thing that most Android companies have implemented their devices years ago and with perfection let me tell you. I still get amazed when I see some of these delusional Apple fans, I’m not targeting every Apple fan though just these delusional ones who defend Apple for each of their stupidity. I sometimes think that it’s because of these people’s thoughtless defending of Apple is exactly why Apple is lazy with features.

I mean a year when every major company is doing high refresh rate displays, periscope zoom camera, and more on their flagships, Apple is sticking with a 60Hz display, no zoom camera nothing. Anyway, it’s not the first time Apple said something like this. Remember the iPhone XS keynote where they said they were the first company to implement a camera feature where you can change the depth of field both before and after taking a photo.


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Yeah, the Galaxy Note 8 already did it a year ago where you can change the depth of field both before and after taking a photo. I mean there are many instances like this where you just roll your eyes and tell yourself. Anyway, let me know what do you think about this down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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