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Apple Will Finally Make The Notch Smaller

Apple Will Finally Make The Notch Smaller

So Apple officially announced that they will launch the iPhone 12 lineup on October 13th and going from everything we know from trusted tipsters they will retain the same notch all over again. So this basically marks the 4th year Apple is sticking with the same wide notch on their iPhones. Now If you were hoping that the next years’ iPhones will get rid of the notch for a full-screen experience then you will be disappointed because the notch is here to stay even in 2021.

Technically it’s the hardest for Apple to make a full-screen phone without any notch or punch holes compared to others because they have a bunch of face ID sensors up there. But the good news is the notch on next year’s iPhones will get thinner according to Ice Universe. According to him, Apple isn’t shortening the width of the notch but rather the height which is a good move since Apple doesn’t want their iPhones to look like those Chinese Androids who copied their notch a couple of years ago.

Apple Will Finally Make The Notch Smaller

Ben Geskin made a render based on this leak, which gives us an idea about the potential look. Anyway, we also have a detailed leak about the iPhone 12 lineup from a tipster who has a great track record with 98% accuracy. Up until now, it was being reported that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the same level of zoom capability as the 11 Pro Max which is 2x and compared to their competition Samsung who offers 5x optical zoom, the 2 times optical 2020 surely seems like a step in the wrong direction.

Apple Will FINALLY Do It BUT…

But turns out the iPhone 12 Pro Max may not offer 2x optical zoom but instead 5x optical zoom according to Kang. He also says the iPhone 12 Pro offers 4x optical zoom. Now, this is weird because the 12 Pro Max doesn’t have a periscope zoom camera, so not sure what Apple is using in their cameras to achieve this. I mean to get 5x optical zoom you either need to increase the distance between the lens and the sensor considerably that means a way big camera bump or you need to use a periscope zoom camera setup.

Maybe Apple is combining the resolution to achieve 5x zoom as Xiaomi does and if that’s the case it should be called 5x hybrid zoom and not pure optical. Or it’s also possible Kang is measuring the zoom from ultrawide and not from the main camera and if that’s the case, the 12 ProMax will have a 2.5 times optical zoom which doesn’t sound impressive at all. In any case, we’ll know soon enough. Also, Kang revealed the prices for the iPhone12 lineup.

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He says iPhone 12 starts at $700 with 64GBstorage, $800 for iPhone 12, $1000 for 12 Pro, and $1100 for the 12 Pro Max which differs from Prosser’s iPhone 12 prices. Also, Kang confirms none of the iPhone 12variants come with headphones or a charging brick which is ridiculous, to be honest. Apple will boast about how they are saving the environment by ditching these chargers but in fact, they just want to make more money.

I mean their 18W charger costs $30, iPhone12 lineup will sell over 100 million units, so even if 70% of them buy this charger, they will generate 2.1 billion dollars without doing any hard work. With that said, Apple will launch the handsets on October 13th, let me know what do you think about the handsets down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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