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ASUS ROG Phone 3 – Launch Date and Specifications.

ASUS ROG Phone 3 – Launch Date and Specifications.

Asus is going to launch its gaming smartphonesoon enough, Asus has confirmed that it will announce itsnew smartphone during its forthcoming “ROG 2020 Game Changer” online launch event. The product launch will take place on July22.

in addition to the launch date, we also knowabout some of the key specs coming from Tenna which is a regulatory authority in China. We’ve also recently seen the device leakedin a real-life video and images, and ASUS has already begun teasing an announcementfor the device’s upcoming launch.

So in this video, I am gonna tell you allthe known specifications along with how its gonna look, so without waiting any more let’sbegin. Design-wise, ASUS ROG Phone 3 will look moreor less like its previous-generation counterpart, it looks bulky and the TENNA listing alsosays so, it weighs a whopping 240Gms and thickness of 9.85mm, It’s even thicker than the rog2.

On the front, it has thick bezels on the topand bottom, but it doesn’t make the phone look ugly. It serves the purpose of providing bettergrip and also hopefully stereo speakers. One major thing we don’t know about this phone.

Is whether it has air triggers or physicaltriggers. The recent gaming phones we have seen comewith physical triggers and it has an obvious advantage over the air triggers with tactilityand the feel it provides while playing games. The display is a hefty 6.59-inches FHD+ Amoledand while the refresh rate is currently unknown, we expect to see either 120Hz or 144Hz highrefresh rate support.

Also, there is in screen fp scanner for security. Just like with previous ROG Phones, the ROGPhone 3 will feature a powerful chipset, this time its Snapdragon 865 SoC but with an overclockedprime core.and will come along with 8, 12, or up to 16GB of RAM and 128, 256, or up to512GB of storage options.

Now, Because of the extra hardware and thetendency of a gamer to run everything at the device’s peak capabilities, the rog 3 needsto have a bigger battery, and according to leaks it’ll be a 6000mah typical capacityand will charge over USB c port with 30W fast charging.

The camera is something we don’t know muchabout except for the main camera being a64mp lens, a secondary 13mp lens, and possiblya telephoto lens. Now for the bad news, Its said, there is notgonna be a 3.5mm headphone port, This is shocking especially when it comes to gaming phones. I hope this turns out to be wrong or somekinda misunderstanding and we do get this 3.5mm audio port.

Now you tell me your thoughts on this. Anyways this is everything we know so far,So thank you for watching catch you guys in the next onePeace out.

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