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Awesome! Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will debut 120W super fast charging

Awesome! Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will debut 120W super fast charging

It has been a while since the Mi 10 series was released Recently there are new messages displayed After the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, there will be a new product release It is said to have strong performance and 120W super fast charge Could it be Xiaomi 10 Pro Plus? Let’s take a look Earlier this month,

a 5G mobile phone of the Xiaomi M2007J1SC model that obtained 3C certification It may be the brand’s upcoming flagship new product It also found that it is equipped with a 120W charger Presumably it will be unveiled as a new product in the Mi 10 series Will be released in August And according to the leak,

there is another image visible: The mysterious Xiaomi device of this model M2007J1SC appeared on AnTuTu And showed a running score of 687,000 The mobile phone’s running score has exceeded the running scores of most smartphones To illustrate this point Previously,

the highest score on AnTuTu was ASUS ROG Phone 3 It enabled performance mode and the final score was 621,000 running points According to the leak source, the above 680,000 running points Doubt whether the device uses the Snapdragon 865+ processor Usually the benchmark score cannot distinguish the two chipsets Because they may share an identifier So this confuses us But according to the running score, the device should use Snapdragon 865+ Above, which device is this Xiaomi? From the model point of view,

it may be the rumored Mi 10 Pro Plus Before Lei Jun had exposed the specifications of the company’s next flagship product This is most likely this device And he also confirmed that the new product has stereo speakers High refresh rate screen, fingerprint recognition under the screen Some form of additional heat dissipation, supporting 30x zoom or higher zoom With 4,500mAh battery, linear motor,

super fast charging and wireless charging And the leaker thinks Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus phone may be equipped with 6.67 inches 1080P resolution AMOLED display The screen may use a curved screen And use a perforated front lens in the upper left corner The screen will support 120Hz refresh rate Instead of Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate.

There are also reports that this model also has a 108MP main camera Even it has at least three rear cameras In addition to the main shot lens It is also expected to be equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens that can capture macro And a periscope with high optical zoom function About fast charging- Xiaomi showed off its 100W fast charging technology as early as March 2019 The charge can fully charge a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes Now, a year has passed since its release, and the new technology has been improved Its 120W super fast charge has obtained 3C certification.

The leaked image also shows that 120W fast charging Existing mark has (20Vdc, 6A MAX) This is also the fastest charging power device that Xiaomi will soon launch For mobile phone fast charging, most users have enough fast charging between 30W-50W Charging power above 100W seems to be more suitable for between 70,000-100,000 mAh battery It sounds great to have 100W fast charging power But when it comes to 4,000 or 5,000 mAh batteries, it’s not that ideal A few months ago,

Xiaomi confirmed that its 100W charging power is not yet commercially available However, the company explained that the faster the charging speed Will reduce the capacity of the rechargeable battery According to Xiaomi, this charging will reduce battery capacity by 20% Therefore, it is necessary to make the mobile phone to be able to exert 4,000 mAh of power You must have a 5,000 mAh battery Otherwise, continue to increase the capacity, with a 4,000 mAh battery If you use this type of charging, the power will drop to 3200 mAh Of course, Xiaomi must overcome this shortcoming before releasing this fast charge Okay, so much content for today Welcome to follow likes and message interaction See you next time

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