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Facebook expands the community help center for people

Facebook expands the community help center for people

Facebook is facing an unprecedented demand for its services, in light of the spread of the new Corona virus; the company is now encouraging its users to help their neighbors.

The social network is expanding the “community assistance” feature to reach people affected by the emerging Corona epidemic.

With the update, Facebook users can post offers to help with things

Like transportation, groceries, baby supplies, and volunteering, likewise, people looking for help can post about what they need, or filter out current offers to find one that matches what they need.

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The page also includes links to fundraisers and an information center

Corona on Facebook.

Community assistance was previously available during natural disasters as part of the company’s Crisis Response tools, but Facebook usually ran it in more local areas after a natural disaster or other emergency.

The new version of Corona for the center is now available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and France and will be available to more countries in the coming weeks.

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