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Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase

Flagship specs in a Mid-ranger?? – OPPO Reno4 Pro Showcase

It’s 2020 and there is acrazy number of phones out there vying for your attention. Well, one of the ways that Oppo thinks they can stand out from the crowd is by cramming some of the features normally found in toptier flagship devices into the mid-range Oppo Reno Four Pro.

This thing has superfast 65 Watt charging, a big curved display witha 90 Hertz refresh rate, and some truly impressive camera features, while running on a Snapdragon 720G, and eight gigs of RAM. But is that enough tomake you cheat on your Samsungs and your iPhones? Let’s take a closer look, and thank Oppo forsponsoring this showcase.

Handling the Reno Four Pro, it might not even be that shocking that it’s packed with flagship features. ‘Cause this thing does not really feel like a mid-range device at all. It’s super thin and light, but, not so light that it feels like there’s nothing on the inside, you know? Like those plastic phone mockups that you see at cell phone kiosks. There’s a lot in there, as we’ve mentioned, but we’ll get to that in a moment. On the back, there’s a beautifulfingerprint-resistant matte finish along with a quad rear camera array. We’ve got three physical buttons total, two on the left side for volume, and the power button on the right.

There’s a SIM card trayand microphone on the top, along with a single speaker, USB Type-C charging port, and (gasps) a headphone jack on the bottom. In these dark times, it is good to know that some brands still follow the old ways. Keep the three and a halfmillimeter dream alive, Oppo. Now for the display. Once again, it’s hard to differentiatethe Reno Four Pro from a flagship here. It’s a six and a half inch super AMOLED with a 2400 by 1080 resolution, and a 92.01% screen-to-body ratio. That’s helped a bit bythe 3-D curved screen.

Now we’ve seen some brands move away from the curved edge design. But for those of you who like it, this one comes with a sidebar function that you can use to pinfrequently used apps. The real kicker with the display though is the 90 Hertz refresh rate, with a touch samplingrate of up to 180 Hertz. That translates to notonly a smoother experience scrolling through photos or social media, but also to snap your gameplay, so you can tell your defeated enemies that they’ve paid too muchfor their phone or whatever.

Now it’s not the 120 Hertz that we’re seeing in someof the newest flagships, but 90 is a huge step up compared to 60. And there’s really just no going back. Now, after all that snappy gameplay, obviously you’re gonna need to recharge. And that’s where their 65Watt charging comes in handy. Oppo calls their flashcharging tech SuperVOOC 2.0, and they say it can fullycharge the Reno Four Pro from zero to 100% in just 36 minutes. It sounds incredibly dangerous.

Like, can you imaginethe heat that produces? Well, okay. Actually Oppo has been developingtheir SuperVOOC technology since 2014. Part of the solution is touse a dual-cell battery system in which two five-voltcells receive current in an alternating pattern, eliminating the need to reduce the voltage in order to avoid heat buildup. Pretty cool, get it? Oppo also uses specializedchips in the charging adapter, USB cable, and the Reno Four Pro itself, which check that thevoltage and current levels are within permissible limits.

Now, Oppo says that with onlyfive minutes of charging, you can watch YouTube for four hours. And while I wasn’t gonna pay Riley to watch four hours ofYouTube videos at work, we did put Oppo’s chargingclaims to the test. Now, our model came with aNorth American plug adapter. But, thanks to regionaldifferences in power delivery, that’s only gonna giveus 50 Watts of charging. But to make sure we got the full 65 Watts with the Reno Four Pro’snon-North American charger, we plugged it into this. It’s a LiteFuze power converter that I actually got for acompletely unrelated project, but it definitely came in handy here.

So, five minutes plugged into this monster got us to 18%. 10 minutes got us 37%. It’s basically linear at that point. At 15 minutes, we were up to 51%, and then by 20 minutes, we were at 70%. 30 minutes brought us to 94, and so on and so forth. Honestly, I didn’t expect the fullcharge to come so on the nose, but we hit 100% at 36minutes and 41 seconds. Like I was wondering, why did Oppo say 36 minutes, instead of like, you know, under 40. I guess it’s ’cause it’sliterally like 36 minutes, like exactly. Suffice to say, if phone uptime is the mostimportant thing to you, you really can’t go wrongwith the Reno Four Pro.

And the last thing we wannatalk about is the camera. Now, modern smartphones are really taking advantageof AI-powered processing to make gorgeous-looking photos. And the Reno Four Pro isexpanding that idea creatively in a couple of ways. First off, you have a number of zoom options in both photo and video mode, that give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you compose your shot. And in our tests, photos and videos taken with this camera look nice and crisp with surprisingly goodcolor and dynamic range, especially, guys remember, this is really important, for a mid-range phone.

It even gives phones thatare focused on photography, like the Google Pixel line, a run for their money. But Oppo also fits in some funAI-powered creative features, including AI Color Portrait, which lets you desaturate the background, while retaining the colorof the subject in the scene, something you wouldnormally have to do in post. And this mode even workswith video recording. You should see how fast Tarancould do this on his station compared to the phone it’s macros. I mean, maybe fast. It’s got a lot of macros. – [Riley] Yeah he is pretty fast. – Low-light modes are also getting really good in modern phones. Although, you only really expect to see really strong low-lightin flagship phones.

But, the Reno Four Pro’s Ultra Dark Mode is about as good as I’ve seen. They’ve even got a specializedlow-light mode for selfies, appropriately titledUltra Night Selfie Mode. So you can entertain your deepest narcissistic tendencies, even in the blackest night of the soul. Now we didn’t even talk abouthow Oppo’s flavor of Android, called Color OS, has come a long way and manages to add somelife-enhancing features while still allowing you to basically get as close to stock Android as you want. But, I think we’ve said enough. If you guys are interestedin a mid-range phone that punches above its weight class, check out the Reno Four Pro, And thanks again to Oppo, for sponsoring this showcase. If you guys enjoy moreshowcases like this one, why not go check out this one where I unboxed a robot vacuum.

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