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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra DESTROYS iPhone 11 Pro in Drop Test

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra DESTROYS iPhone 11 Pro in Drop Test

So the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has the world’stoughest glass that has even been used on a phone called the Gorilla Glass Victus whichthe successor to the Gorilla Glass 6. This glass can not only resist a 2-meter drop,compared to 1.6 meters of the Gorilla Glass 6 but also the first in six years to meaningfullyimprove your phone’s ability to shrug off nasty scratches.

To be specific, it has twice the scratch resistanceof Gorilla Glass 6. That sounds great on paper but in realityjudging from the past, these corning glasses haven’t exactly performed like what Corningpromised they would. But that isn’t the case with the Gorilla GlassVictus because as per Phonebuff’s drop test, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra totally destroyedApple’s top dog the iPhone 11 Pro. The full video is in the description box belowdo check that out. That being said, The first test is a backdrop test.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra DESTROYS iPhone 11 Pro in Drop Test

Keep in mind that dropping a phone on itsback is usually worse than the front because of the camera hump as it offsets the contactpoint. As a result, the phone doesn’t drop flat ona surface but instead creates weak points. And that’s exactly what we see on both theNote 20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro but the condition is miles better than the iPhone.

The second test is a corner drop test, usually,phones get dropped on their corners a lot and both Samsung and Apple have done a greatjob here. Both survive without much damage. Finally, the front, the iPhone 11 Pro’s displayshattered in the first drop itself but the Note 20 Ultra totally destroys the 11 Proin this test. Not only it survived the first face drop testbut continued to do so for the next 10 rounds.

iPhone 11 Pro on the other hand is totallyshattered with glass pieces coming out and even losing the camera functionality. So the Note 20 Ultra performed true to Corning’spromise but still, a wise man once said, So you gotta be careful with this phone nomatter how hard it is, it’s still a piece of glass. So flex mode is one of the best features ofSamsung’s foldables and it holds true for the Z fold 2 as well. Our good friend Jimmy is promo made a videohighlighting some of the main functions of flex mode.

As you can see in the camera app, the viewfinderis shown on the right half of the screen while the last photo you captured is shown on theleft half. In the gallery, you can view additional detailson the lower half the screen without the photo ever leaving the screen.

Finally, you can also use it in Samsung messageswhere you’ll be able to see all your message threads on one half of the screen and theselected conversation on the other half. Pretty cool in my opinion

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