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Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 are launched at the same price

Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 are launched at the same price

So 2020 is a very interesting year for the smartphone industry. With so many people are facing financial uncertainty and the most premium phones you can buy cost $2,000, leading to global sales plummeting and many consumers shifting focus from the premium segment to value-oriented mid-range solutions.

Of course, companies also followed suit and we have devices like the Galaxy S20 FE and Google Pixel 5. Now since both of these devices are priced exactly at $699 for the 5G variant and $599 for the 4G variant for the S20 FE, many of you have been asking in the comments which is a better deal at this price point? Well, let me tell you, one handset clearly blows the other out of the water and you know which one that is.

Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 are launched at the same price

Both Pixel 5 and S20 FE offer similar specs in many aspects. They’ve both got wireless charging, reverse wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, and more. But they differ a lot in key specifications and that’s where the Galaxy S20 FE at least on paper is a much better value.

Starting off with the screen. Both have a 1080p display but one has 120Hzand the other has 90Hz. Also, the S20 FE has a bigger display compared to the Pixel 5. So clearly the S20 FE is a winner here. The processor is a flagship one on the S20FE and it’s an upper midrange on the Pixel 5. The Snapdragon 765G has a performance comparable to Snapdragon 845 which is a 2-year-old flagship chipset. So there’s no argument here, the S20 FE takes another point.

Pixel 5 vs Galaxy S20 FE – COMPLETE DOMINATION

Coming to the camera, a territory where Google phones absolutely shine with less hardware, the Pixel 5 will, without a doubt, take better photos than the S20 FE. But that doesn’t mean the camera on the S20FE is bad. It’s still a flagship-grade camera, the same one we have on the Galaxy S20. The difference in camera quality isn’t something significant that a person who isn’t into photography would be able to tell.

Plus the S20 FE has an extra telephoto camera something we don’t have it on Pixel 5. So for an average person, the camera of theS20 FE will appeal more. But for a photography enthusiast Pixel, 5 will appeal more. So I can’t vouch for one device or the other in this category. So it’s a tie here. As for the RAM and storage is concerned. Pixel 5 has an upper hand since it offers8GB RAM instead of 6GB on the S20 FE with storage being the same.

But there’s an option of 8GB as well on the S20 FE and overall it’s a better storage solution as it is UFS 3.0 vs 2.1 on the Pixel 5. And this storage standard does make a difference. On top of it, there’s a microSD card slot on the S20 FE something went missing on Pixel 5 so again Samsung takes another point here. As for the Gorilla Glass, Pixel 5 is a clear winner as it offers Gorilla Glass 6 vs Gorilla Glass 3 on the S20 FE.

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But Samsung’s phone is just better in the battery, 4500 vs 4000 on Pixel 5. Also, the fingerprint scanner is embedded in the display on the S20 FE vs a capacitive one on the Pixel 5. Again a point here goes to Samsung. As for the design, it’s subjective, many people will find the S20 FE better looking with a center hole camera cutout which is smaller in size and a range of colors.

But Pixel 5 has thin bezels all around, an aluminum build with a plastic layer on top, and many people find that industrial design attractive. So we can’t say who has an upper hand in this area. But considering everything, pound for pound, Samsung’s upper-mid-range contender is just more phone and it doesn’t feel like it’s an amid-range handset, it feels like a flagship with the fat trimmed to the bone. I’m not saying Pixel 5 is a bad phone, it’s clearly not.

But it always boils down to what you’re looking for. I know Pixel fans will surely go for the Pixel5 for the camera and stock Android experience and if Google had priced it at $599 then Pixel5 would have been a no-brainer best offering in that segment. But it’s $100 more expensive in my opinion and for that reason blow for blow, S20 FE will definitely dominate this price range. Let me know what do you think down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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