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Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung Is Going After Huawei

Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung Is Going After Huawei

So it looks like with the Galaxy S21 UltraSamsung is going after Huawei, their powerhouse the Huawei P40 Pro plus to be exact. South Korean publication has gotten the cameradetails of the Galaxy S21 Ultra which shows that Samsung is making one big significantchange in the camera department. One notable trend we’ve seen in the last yearor so has been the focus on the zoom capabilities on a smartphone.

Huawei introduced this concept on the P30Pro, Samsung followed it on the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Ultra. But with the P40 Pro Plus Huawei went aheadof Samsung by offering not one but two telephoto cameras. One is a periscope zoom and another is a traditionalzoom camera. Samsung, however, doesn’t want to give Huaweiany competitive advantage and that’s the reason they are also doing the same and that is includingtwo telephoto cameras.

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Samsung Is Going After Huawei

Now, you wonder why two telephoto cameras? Well, as seen on the P30 Pro, since it hasa single 5x periscope zoom camera, the zoomed image quality anything below 5x tends to suffersince it combines images from the main camera and the periscope camera. It does a great job at 5x but anything belowthat the quality tends to suffer. The same is the case for Samsung. And that’s the reason Samsung is includingtwo telephoto cameras on the S21 Ultra.

One for the short-range zoom and another forlong-range zoom. Also, the P40 Pro Plus has a 10x periscopezoom camera as opposed to 5x on the Note 20 Ultra. The good thing is, South Korean media saysSamsung will include more than 5x periscope camera and 3x telephoto camera. Now, we’ll have to wait and seewhat exactly do they mean by more than 5x? Anyway, the rest camera setup includes animproved 108MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 40MP selfie camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will have two telephoto cameras

Basically the S21 Ultra will pack a quad-camerasetup at the back assisted by a laser autofocusing system. And it’s going to remain the same. The Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a 5000mAh batterysame as its predecessor. That’s according to GalaxyClub one of themost reputed sources out there. So this means we have the accurate batterycapacities of all the Galaxy S21 variants next year. The S21 will have a 4000mAh battery, 4800mAhon the S21 Plus, and a 5000mAh on the S21 ultra Here’s something really awkward.

The US customs seized 2000 counterfeit AppleAirPods at a JFK International Airport cargo facility and proudly tweeted “THAT’S NOTAN APPLE,” saying that it would have been valued at $398,000 “had it been genuine.” There was only one problem. It was genuine: They were OnePlus Buds andclearly it was mentioned on the box itself. To be fair on their part, OnePlus buds area total ripoff of Apple AirPods and anyone can confuse them for AirPods.

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But in this situation googling would at leasthave informed the officers that the product is already widespread in established shopsand that it might be a good idea to get a second opinion and more investigation beforepulling the trigger. I mean it certainly Looks like those officerscan do math just fine and can even use the internet to tweet but somehow don’t knowhow to Google a company name before deciding if the company is legitimate or not. Anyway let me know what do you think downin the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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