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Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t Have The Under Display Camera Technology

Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t Have The Under Display Camera Technology

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Z Fold 2has gotten all of the hype recently, but it’s good to remember Samsung’s other — and arguably more important — flagship, The Galaxy S series is expected to get an update in February in about 4 months, and we already know quite a lot about the Galaxy S21 handsets courtesy of leaks and rumors and we have some more information today that paints a very good picture for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launching in the second half of next year and not so good one for the Galaxy S21 lineup.

The good news is the Z Fold 3 is going to be the first Samsung phone to have an under-display camera technology according to the latest information from South Korean media which means Samsung won’t be able to premiere an under-display camera on the Galaxy S21 series.

Galaxy S21 Ultra won't Have The Under Display Camera Technology

The reason it’s being reported that the production yield is very low due to the complexity of the technology and there won’t be enough displays with this tech by early January which is when Samsung starts mass-producing the Galaxy S21handsets. South Korean media reports that Samsung is working on a better solution for the under-display camera that won’t compromise as much on image quality as current technology.

Galaxy S21 Ultra – SAW THIS COMING

Right now they have two options and the one they are going for is called HIAA 2, hole inactive area 2. HIAA 1 is basically the tech we have on devices like S10, S20, Note 20, etc where a hole is cut with precision with the help of a laser for the selfie camera. In HIAA 2 instead of one big hole, they cut plenty of minute holes on the display over the selfie camera so that light can pass through these holes onto the camera sensor and at the same time there are enough pixels on the display to show the content.

Drilling these minute holes with laser is a complicated process and the yield rates aren’t satisfactory to meet the demands of the Galaxy S flagship series which sells in 10’s of millions per quarter. Since the Z Fold 3 is a foldable phone and is not going to sell even close to what the S21 series is going to sell, the Korean media says Samsung is planning to premiere this tech on the Z Fold 3 instead as they can effectively produce this camera tech to satisfy the demand.

Now, there are another approach companies are taking into making the under-display camera smartphone a reality and it’s by using a transparent display over the selfie camera. Korean media says Samsung has also considered this option but this approach is even more complicated than HIAA 2 so if Samsung is launching an under-display camera phone next year, they are going to use HIAA 2 tech and not the transparent one because they have made significant improvements in the former.


Samsung Could Be Forced To Let Users Uninstall Bloatware

So the bottom line the Galaxy S21 series will use the punch hole camera just like Note 20 except the hole diameter is going to be smaller than the Note 20 Ultra. So it seems Samsung is ending the exclusivity with Goodluck a UI customization app. The app was only available to a handful of countries for these couple of years but now Samsung is making it available to more markets.

As of now, a lot of European countries are getting it including Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. And more countries will get it soon. Good ock is one of the best options from Samsung customize your smartphone. For example, you can change the stock bring a multitasking menu into something like this which looks amazing. Anyway, let me know what do you think about the S21 not getting the under-display camera tech in the comments below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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