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Galaxy S21 Update | Galaxy S20 FE Interesting Chipset Option

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus along with the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be launched in February next year.

There’s still a long way for Samsung to launchthe Galaxy S21 handsets, February to be exact but leaks and rumors about the handset arealready underway. A few days ago we learned the battery capacityof the Galaxy S21 Plus and it was 4800mAh an improvement compared to the 4500mAh onthe Galaxy S20 Plus.

Today, we have the battery capacity of theGalaxy S21, the smallest of the bunch. According to the latest 3C certification,the S21 will have a rated battery capacity of 3880mAh, but there’s a difference betweenrated and typical, what we get in consumer devices is the typical battery and it’s goingto be 4000mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus along with the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be launched in February next year.

So basically, Samsung is not offering anyimprovement in the battery capacity over the Galaxy S20. But wait, same battery size doesn’t mean thatthe battery life is going to be the same as well. Because next year’s processors are going tobe built on 5nm nodes compared to 7nm of this year’s flagship processors.

Next year’s chipsets are going to be efficientwhile delivering more power, so expect battery life on the Galaxy S21 to be better than theS20. Now, there’s no info about the battery sizeof the Galaxy S21 Ultra but there are some unconfirmed rumors that it’s also going toremain the same as the S20 Ultra at 5000mAh. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more aboutit.

But interestingly, the listing for batterycapacities for S21 and S21 Plus shows that the battery won’t be manufactured by Samsung. Instead, they will outsource it from a Chinesecompany named Ningde amperex technology. Anyway, the S21 will have Snapdragon 875 andExynos 1000, the latter won’t get the AMD graphics. Reportedly it has been delayed until 2022. The Galaxy S21 is also expected to get a built-inS Pen support, I hope this doesn’t mean they are totally getting rid of the Galaxy Noteline.

The camera on the S21 Ultra will remain 108MPbut it’s going to an improved version. Finally, whether or not it will have an under-displaycamera technology is still unknown but rest assured I’ll keep you posted. Complete specifications of the Galaxy S20FE have been leaked and it shed information about the processor Samsung is equipping inthis handset.

The S20 FE will be available in 5G and 4G. Interestingly the 5G version will use Snapdragon865 while the 4G S20 FE will use Exynos 990. The display size is 6.5″ 1080p Plus superAMOLED and the refresh rate is 120Hz more than the base Note 20. The battery is 4500mAh, 15W of fast charging,in-display fingerprint scanner, UFS 3.1 storage, and 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The camera specs include 12MP, 12MP, and 8MParray for wide, ultrawide, and telephoto. The images that you see are the official onesand will be launched in these colors. Samsung is expected to launch this handseteither at the end of this month or next month. Of course, with that said,

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