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Get Oxygen Os 11 Features On Any OnePlus Device On Oxygen Os 10 ?

Get Oxygen Os 11 Features On Any OnePlus Device On Oxygen Os 10 ?

Hey what’s up everyone, so recently oneplus8 and 8 pro got the latest oxygen os 11 beta and most of you must be having mixed feelingsabout it and even like 90% of us could not even try the latest beta, but you can experiencemost of those newly added features ozn your oneplus device running on android 10 let’ssee how but before we get into it make sure you have subscribed to the channel and youhave pressed the bell icon already, so let’s get into it.

Well about the latest oxygen os or hydrogenos 11 well i feel things have taken a different turn for oneplus as it resembles more likeoneui now as they wanted to improve one handed usability of every device so they went forthis type of design where you have most information on the bottom half of the screen and too littleon the top and it does help quite a lot but this design is a big diversion from originaloxygen os that we used to love.

Anyways complaints aside to get those featureshere’s is what you have to do, First of all just download all the apks fromlink in description area and i have only attached those that are compatible with older deviceslike oneplus 6 series. After downloading all the apks just open themone by one let’s start with oxygen os 11 wallpapers and for them you have to installoneplus wallpaper resources first so click on it install then click on done Go back and now install op live wallpaperapk the same way

so after the installation is complete long press on home screen andall your default wallpapers will be replaced with these newer wallpapers and i really likeall of these because unlike most live wallpapers they consume less battery and look quite elegant. Now moving to the next app let’s get thatweather app first so install this weather apk in the similar way as you did with thelast 2 and now you can just give location permission and there you have it. It is quite different from the last versionwe had that was more of a genuine design but there you go it seems good though and theanimations feel refreshing for the most part.

Next let’s get that clock widget first soinstall this op widget apk and after that long press on home screen and choose fromthe available options. And there you go the latest clock with oneplussans font is there on your device now. And before we install the latest launcherinstall this op cion pack apk and now Let’s move ahead install the latest launcherso install this op launcher apk the same way and then just go back to your home screenand there you go. So this launcher adds a newer design to shelfon left hand side with this weather widget on top and this newer slide animation hasalso been added .

Also In home settings you can apply that additional icon pack and youeven more grid options and this whole ui is redesigned and i am not a biggest fan of itbut cant do anything about it either. After that we have this file manager so installthis apk and open it, so i wont recommend this because it will ask for some unnecessarypermissions but i dont see a lot more features other than this clean tab in this versionso you can skip this if you wish to. Next let’s install the notes apk the sameway and you can see it also has that improved one handed type of ui and the notes are nowin form of these cards with some other cosmetic changes here and there.

Let’s install last 3 apps left and first wouldbe the calculator so install the apk and open it and you can see this also has got a redesignwith newer animations and it surely feels better in using this with one hand. Next and this one has a totally redesignedui too so install this breathe mode apk and it will give you a totally new zen mode itlooks somewhat miui inspired but i like the animation and this transparent sort of redesignits no where close to what we had but this design isnt that bad either it has 3 themesto choose from and you can just scroll on home page so switch between them.

So this was the new zen mode Last but not the least we have the new galleryso install the gallery apk and open it and you can see it has 3 tabs now with this totallyredesigned ui so you can just scroll from right to left to switch over between thesetabs with this new animation when you scroll down. So these were all the apps from oneui i meanoxygen os 11 and do let me know what you feel about this redesign in the comments sectiondown below. So that’s it for now do like this videoif it helps you out and subscribe to stay notified and i will see you in the next one.

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