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Google Pixel 2 in 2020: Love & Hate

Google Pixel 2 in 2020: Love & Hate

Hey there, Alex here. If I had to pick my favourite Pixel, it wouldprobably be this, the Google Pixel 2. When it first came out, it was such a bigupgrade over the original Pixel in terms of hardware and features. In particular features like water resistance,and stereo speakers. It had the best camera you could get on aphone at that point in time, and the software experience was great.

Sure, it wasn’t the most modern lookingwith its thick bezels, and they removed the headphone jack, but it was one of the bestcompact Android phones that you could buy back then, which is why I loved it. Anyway, now that the Pixel 2 can be foundat really low prices, and I recently picked up a blue version which I think is the bestlooking colour, I thought I would do a quick video about the phone again to see how it’sholding up. I’ve been using it for the past week orso, and it’s a bit of a love hate relationship.

Like I mentioned above, the camera performsreally well, and actually holds up well against newer Pixel devices. In terms of how easy it is to capture greatlooking images, I think it is probably still better than a lot of newer devices. It’s not as flexible of course since itonly has a single rear camera, but it’s still a really enjoyable camera to use. Software wise, it’s running the latest versionof android, and I think the speed and responsiveness of the device is still decent.

It’s still getting monthly security patches,it still has unlimited original resolution uploads till the beginning of 2021, and youcan even get the Android 11 Developer Preview on it if you really want to. So this part of the device is still great. What hasn’t aged as well, is its hardware. Starting from the outside, a 16:9 screen justisn’t as enjoyable to use compared to a taller one that lets you see more verticalcontent, not to mention that the display itself is not the brightest, so outdoor visibilityis just average.

The stereo speakers are nice to have, butsounds bad by today’s standards. So if multimedia consumption is importantto you, the Pixel 2 will probably disappoint. But it’s probably still not as disappointingas how bad the battery life has become. Being an older phone with a small battery,it probably goes through more charging cycles, which means more wear and tear. At this point, if I game a little on the phoneand use it a little more, I can get it to last me maybe half a day. The only way to get it to last a full day,is with very light usage. So I think for most people, this is goingto be a deal breaker.

Oh, as a side note, this is also the reasonwhy I think the Pixel 4 is not going to age well. Anyway, if you’re still thinking about gettingone, there are some other things to take note of. Recently there have been reports of cameraissues, and it’s still uncertain if it’s a hardware or software issue. Both of my units are still working fine sofar. Another thing is that I’m seeing a lot ofrefurbished Pixel 2 in the market these days, and as far as I know, the bootloader cannotbe unlocked on those devices, and this is something that I’ve personally encounteredon 2 seperate units.

I’m not sure what causes that, but if that’simportant to you, just make sure you check the phone before you buy it. Overall, I still think it’s a nice phoneto use, and I don’t even mind some of its shortcomings since they are so cheap these days. But the battery life is just not great atall. If it were like 50% better, it would probablystill be a phone that I could recommend to folks looking for a cheap smartphone withgood software experience and can still take great looking photos.

Which is why my personal recommendation nowis to just go for the bigger Pixel 2 XL if you can, or the Pixel 3 or 3a would be goodoptions too if you want something more pocketable. Anyway, no matter how it is like to use now,I’ve had really fond memories of the Pixel 2, and it will always have a special placein my heart, which is not something I can say about other Pixel devices. and I knowit’s really tough out there right now. So hope you guys stay safe, and hopefullythings will get better soon. Thanks again, and see you guys on the nextone.

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