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Google Pixel 4a – Finally about to Launch!!!

Google Pixel 4a – Finally about to Launch!!!

Hey Guys Aryan here and you’re watchingiPixSurf Tech so the pixel for a was going to release on 20 May in the GoogleIO but that got canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with itthe release of Pixel 4a got delayed and people are waiting for thedevice since.

then but it is now finally about to launch so last week the FCCfiling for the pixel 4a came out it is generally submitted just before thelaunch of the device and it has now been submitted for Singapore’s IMDA andIndia’s BIS certification so it clearly indicates that the device is about tolaunch and if that’s not enough Google also discontinued the pixel 3a on itsofficial website.

it is now expected to launch on 13 of July and that’s likeless than a week away from now so what makes the pixel for a so special welllet me tell you first the Google pixel lineup is all about getting the pureAndroid experience and the best camera for photography and yeahGoogle still provides the best camera for photography on any smartphone solast year Google started a new lineup of smartphone.

they launched the pixel 3aand 3a XL at the starting price point of $400 and they gave you thesetwo things in that phone the pure Android experience the best camera andpeople love that idea although they are were compromises like it was not aFlagship build of course it is a $400 phone so you can’t expect that and itdid not have the Flagship Processor but people still loved that smart phone sothis year Google was going to launch the pixel 4a but as I mentioned earlierit got delayed and now people are waiting.

for it so it is finally about tocome so what do we know about the pixels for a so farwell like the previous pixel smartphones almost everything is leaked about thepixels 4a well firstly there is not going to be an pixel 4a XL versionthere is only going to be a pixel 4a and it is gonna come with this 5.81 inch OLED display with punch hole camera so yeah it’s going tolook modern than the pixel four and 4 XL and on the internal side.

it’sgonna come with 6 gigs of RAM and 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage and that ispaired with this Snapdragon 730 and other than that it’s gonna come withthis plastic body the real fingerprint scanner and about 3140 mAH andthat should last long considering its predecessor pixel 3a had 3000 mAhbattery and that still performs great we don’t know about the finalizing of thephone yet but it was previously rumoured that it’s gonna come at 350 dollars forthe 128 gigs variant and if that’s the case it is a great price for this phoneand if pixel 3a.

to go by it’s gonna launch at $400 for the 64 gigs variantso we will have to see about the pricing of the phone and last month Applelaunched the second generation of iPhone SE as they budget offering at $400price so the pixel 4a is going to be directly competing with the iPhone sesecond generation and in my opinion it is better than the iPhone se secondgeneration that’s it for today’s video guys don’t forget to Like share andsubscribe stay safe.

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