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Google Pixel 4a – Launch Date Confirmed

Google Pixel 4a – Launch Date Confirmed

google was expected to launch the affordablepixel 4a smartphone in may this year but the smartphone got delayed due to multiple reasonsfor those frustrated consumers patiently waiting for google’s next mid-range phone the pixel4a.

now the long wait is over but before further we do if you do end upliking what you see here please consider subscribing and turn on notifications by hitting thatbell icon now let’s get back to the video according one of the most trusted tipsterjon prosser the launch date for the pixel 4a is confirmed according to john prosser google is expectedto launch the google pixel 4a on august 3.

ahead of samsung’s galaxy unpacked eventthe google pixel 4a recently cleared the fcc certification site it also appeared on googlestore giving us a closer look at the smartphone as well as hinting that the launch could beimminent so there is no solid reason to not believe what the tipster has said about thepixel 4a launch date everything about the pixel 4a has alreadybeen leaked.

in details and certain aspects of the device have even been reviewed on videothe device will feature a 5.81-inch Full hd+ oled display, snapdragon 730 chip 6gb ram3080mah battery with 18w fast charging support and the same 12.2 mp rear camera as foundon the pixel 4 and pixel 3 series there will be an 8mp sony imx355 sensor at the frontfor selfie duties rumors suggest google could price the 128gb pixel 4a.

variant at $349so what are you thoughts about the pixel 4a let me know in the comments down below samsung’s next big hardware event galaxyunpacked is confirmed for august 5th and a new trailer from the phone maker suggestswe can expect to see five hardware devices unveiled on the day and judging by the shapesand the leaks we’ve seen so far this is what we’re expecting to.

see the new galaxynote 20 the foldable galaxy fold 2 the galaxy watch 3 the bean shaped galaxy buds plus andthe galaxy tab s7 and s7 plus tablets so what do you guys think about the upcomingsamsung event let me know in the comments down below and as always i will see you guysin my next video

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