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Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 Explained!

Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 Explained!

Hey guys Aryan here from iPixSurf Tech sogoogle pixel 2020 lineup is getting kind ofweird some guys in 9to5google dug into android 11’s beta codeand found out google’s entire lineup of 2020 pixel smartphonesalongside their codenames.

google is going with different strategy this yearso let’s begin so at first there is the pixel 4 and 4xl google’s last year flagship then comes the pixel 4a under thecodename sunfish so that’s fine but then comes the pixel4a 5g under the codename bramble which wepreviously thought was the code name for pixel 5and then comes the pixel 5 under the code nameredfin again which we previously thought was the code name for pixel 5 xlso apparently there is not going to be any XL branding.

phone from googlethis year so let’s start with the pixel 4ait is going to be the true successor to pixel 3ait is built around the same idea pixel 3a was builtso it will be competing in the budget segment around 400 dollarsalmost everything about the pixel 4a has been leaked soit is going to have fingerprint scanner on the back andit will have snapdragon 730 soc inside and will have a plastic build.

if you wantto know more about the pixel 4a i have made a dedicated video on it socheck it out up in the cards so let’s move on to pixel 4a 5git is more or less like the pixel 4a but as we know pixel 4a is powered bysnapdragon 730 and snapdragon 730 does not support 5gso instead of that this mobile will come with snapdragon 765 gchipset and a few days ago we had a pixel renderand we thought.

it was a pixel 5 xl but it had that headphone jack so it was abit confusing but now that we know there is a pixel 4a5g we are pretty sure that’s 4a 5gso from the render we can say it is going to be bigger than the pixel 4 ain size and will have dual cameras on the backand hopefully will come with a bigger batteryother than that the pixel 4a and 4a 5g are going to be the sameso now you know what the pixel 4a and 4a5g arelet’s move on to pixel 5. it is going to be the best offering fromgoogle this year so as we know.

google is not going forthe high-end snapdragon processor this yearso instead of snapdragon 865 this mobile will come with snapdragon 765g processorgoogle says it will help them reduce the cost of the phoneit is said to be priced at $700 which is cheaper than the google’s last yearflagship pixel 4 at $800 so what the pixel 5 is going to looklike well previously we had this render in this we can see a u-shaped camerabump on the back housing three cameras along with the flashlightand.

on the front it has that face id and Soli Radar Techbut now some new render came out and it seems likeit is looking more like the pixel 4a seriesit has that fingerprint scanner on the back a square camera bump housing twocameras along with the flashlight and on the front it has that hole punchcamera so it seems like google is ditching theface id and Soli Radar tech this year so how is it different than the pixel 4a5g well first of all it is going to besmaller.

and unlike the pixel 4a 5g the pixel 5will have premium build with glass back and aluminium frames and itwill come with premium features like the ip rating the wireless chargingand the higher refresh rate screen and google pixel 5may have better cameras than the pixel 4a 5Gso that’s the google pixel 2020 lineup let me know in the comments down belowwhat do you guys think about it don’t forget to like share and subscribeif you like the video thank you for watching stay safe.

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