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Google Pixel 4a Review: Astounding Value For Money

Google Pixel 4a Review: Astounding Value For Money

Hey there, Alex here. This is the new Pixel 4a, and if you’veseen other reviews about the phone already, you probably know how good it is. But I still want to share some of my thoughtson it, because it is actually really well-priced here in Singapore this time round. If you recall, the Pixel 3a was priced at659 SGD at launch, which was a significant markup over US prices.

This time round, the Pixel 4a comes in ata very reasonable 499 SGD, and it even brings with it tons of improvements. So let’s talk about some of those things. First of all, this is still a mid-range phone,so we’re still not getting a premium build quality, water resistance, or wireless charging. That said, for a plastic phone, this feelspretty solid. The matte black unibody is clean looking,and the buttons have good tactility. The display is a huge upgrade over its predecessor,and perhaps better than even the Pixel 4.

The viewing angle and colours might be a tinybit behind the Pixel 4, and it doesn’t have 90Hz refresh rate or the ambient EQ feature,but outdoor visibility is actually better, which I think is more important. Then, because of the smaller bezels, the screenis a bit bigger, and overall, it’s just a more enjoyable viewing experience. By the way, we’re still getting a headphonejack here, and it still has stereo speakers. It’s not quite as good as the ones on thePixel 4, but it is definitely above average, and something you don’t often find on midrange phones. The fingerprint sensor is still here as well,and I prefer it over Face Unlock for sure.

It’s reliable, works with banking apps,and actually more convenient these days. Specifications wise, again, massive upgradeshere. We now have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage,which is double the storage that was on the Pixel 3a and the base model Pixel 4. But most importantly it’s using the fasterUFS 2.1 instead of eMMC storage. There is a noticeable improvement in speedwhen loading local content or just opening apps and games. The Snapdragon 730G here is decent as welleven though it is an older chipset.

For regular day to day use I have no complaintshere, and even gaming seems decent for the most part. However, I do want to mention that, like afew other phones I’ve tested with the 730G, I can’t turn on High Frame Rate mode forMobile Legends. Battery capacity is slightly larger here at3,140mAh, and even with slightly heavier usage I can still make it through a day of use,which is pretty great for such a compact device. Software experience is pretty much as expectedfrom Google.

I don’t really use a lot of the extra Googlefeatures, but I like it because of how clean it is, and the three years of timely softwaresupport. So I don’t even care that they removed theActive Edge feature. Like with all Pixel phones, camera performanceis definitely the highlight here. It’s only a single rear camera, but it’sa really good one that is almost as good as the Pixel 4, which is to say it might be evenbetter than some flagship phones. But of course the Pixel 4 still has that additionaltelephoto lens, so portrait mode and zoom quality is not quite as good. But I do prefer the slightly warmer photosfrom the Pixel 4a, and Super Res Zoom works well enough for taking macro shots or zoomingin a little.

Front camera is good when it comes to coloursand dynamic range, but I think that the minimum focus distance might be a bit too far away,so for a lot of the shots that I took, my face seems to be slightly out of focus. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyoneor just this unit, but anyway it’s probably still fine for social media use. Video quality is really good as well withnice stabilisation and dynamic range on both the front and rear cameras. So no complaints here. At this price point, I think this level ofcamera performance is pretty much unbeatable. Google’s image processing is so good thatall you need to do is just point and shoot.

The Pixel 4a doesn’t really do anythingnew. It’s actually the same formula as the Pixel3a, with the main focus being camera quality. Just that this time round, the rest of thephone went from being just passable, to actually being pretty good. In fact, I actually enjoyed using this morethan the Pixel 4. It still has some compromises for sure, butit’s a lot less than you would expect for a phone at this price point.

So I think this just might be one of the bestmid-range Android phones that you can buy today. Thanks for watching this video. If you’ve enjoyed it, be sure to leave alike, and subscribe to the channel for more content in the future. Thanks again, and see you guys on the next one.

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