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So when Apple launched the iPhone SE lastmonth, it sent a shockwave in the mobile industry. The iPhone SE is Apple’s magical and revolutionarynew $400 phone that looks vaguely like it came out in 2009. Appearances aside, the phone has some impressiveinternals — most notably the same A13 Bionic flagship processor that’s present in the high-endiPhone 11 — and it’s selling for a mere 399 dollars.

That sort of pricing is practically unheardof for a company that sells a $700 set of wheels for its $6,000 computer. At $400, the 2nd gen iPhone SE may not bea serious price competitor with the most affordable Android smartphones, but it’s going to gostraight up against the expected Pixel 4a, and people were asking whether Google’s budgethandset will have what it takes to win out in comparison and basically were curious tosee how Google is going to respond to this $400 phone.

It seems If today’s leak is anything to goby then we have a much better idea of how Google will do it. The Pixel 4a is seen as being one of the mostpromising, exciting new Android phones of this year, thanks to the combination of affordableprice and exceptional user experience it is believed to possess. Based on what we know about the Pixel 4a,it will feature a 5.8-inch screen, a single 12MP rear camera, 3080mAh battery, 64GB and128GB of storage, a Snapdragon 730 processor, a rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner,probably 15 or 18W wired charging, and importantly a headphone jack.

It was initially rumored that the Google Pixel4a will start at $399 just like the iPhone SE. Now, according to 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall,the Pixel 4a could be priced at $349 for a 128GB model which is double the iPhone SE’s64GB storage, while a 64GB variant might be just $299. Yes, $299 for Pixel 4a. At that price, Google could definitely havea winner on its hands. Recently leaked camera samples from the phonelooked pretty good, and also showed that it gains some popular Pixel 4 imaging featureslike the astrophotography mode.

Coupled with good software features, and ofcourse timely Android updates Pixel 4a will be one of the best mid-range Android phonesin 2020 and if Google plays its cards right, it could definitely outshine the competitionand will be a great contender to go against Apple’s iPhone SE that made a lot of headlinesfor its cheap price. Speaking of the iPhone SE, I don’t agree withthe media and Tim Cook specifically that a lot of Android fans are going to be attractedto the SE for its cheap price and will jump ships.

I don’t think that’s going to happen Because,Despite what the iPhone SE’s exterior might suggest, this isn’t 2009, when gadget-seekerswere still figuring out which platform they preferred and looking across an entire storeof possibilities for their next phone purchase. For the past four or so years, around 90%of new mobile phone activations stayed with the buyer’s previous operating system.

Despite Apple’s efforts to attract Androidusers to iOS, and Android handset manufacturers’ similar efforts to attract iPhone customers,operating system usage is among the stickiest of all consumer affinities. So I don’t think the SE is going to attractAndroid users, nor the Pixel 4a is going to attract the iOS users.

But I would like to thank Apple for inspiringGoogle and other Android device-makers to step up their efforts in the midrange phonemarket by aggressively pricing the iPhone SE. Let me know what do you think about this downin the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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