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Google Pixel 5 – Launch Date Confirmed

Google Pixel 5 – Launch Date Confirmed

So google recently announced the pixel 4a andalong with it said that the 5g version of the device and the flagship pixel 5 will belaunching later this year but these phones will however do not have a launch date yetbut now google pixel 5 has a launch date and you should thank google.

for the leak but before further we do if you do end up liking what you see here please consider subscribing andturn on notifications by hitting that bell icon now let’s get back to the video yes the google pixel 5 has a probably launchdate and it is out due to google’s own mistake as reported by 9to5google.

a twitter user spotteda recent announcement on google’s french website the blog post talked about a pre-orderdate for the pixel 4a 5g and pixel 5 although it was removed later on google was late inhiding the october 8 pre-order date this means the new model is coming in october if everythinggoes right.

for google the pixel 4a was originally supposed to comeout two months ago but it was delayed until august 3 the delays have been mostly due tothe pandemic across the globe it seems that google has everything on track for the pixel5 and that will end up in its usual launch timeline.

of october the pre-order date ofoctober 8 could suggest a launch date of the same coming back to the pixel 5 google may stickto just a single model this year there won’t be any xl model according to the leaks additionallyrumours have it that the 2020 flagship could ditch the snapdragon 865 in favour of themore cost-effective snapdragon 765g chip the snapdragon 865 is extremely expensive.

and google could be looking to keep prices low with a low-end chiprest of the pixel 5 could see upgrades over the older model everywhere else speculationssuggest a bezel-less design similar to the pixel 4a the rear cameras could have two sensorsjust like the pixel 4 google may also be upgrading the battery capacity and may move to a 120hzrefresh rate display so what do you guys think about the upcoming google pixel 5 let me knowin the comments down below and as always i will see you guys in my next video.

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