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Google Pixel August 2020 Update is Out! – What’s New?

Google Pixel August 2020 Update is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone aaron here for Zollotech andtoday the android 10 august security update was released forall supported devices that includes the pixel 2 2xl3 3xl 3a 3axl 4 4xl that i’m using here along with thenewly released today or at least announced today pixel 4aand so all of these devices should be supported by the august.

security updateand so let’s take a look at the size of it and you’ll see for me it was 7.02megabytes on my pixel 4 xl so a very small updateand in fact i wouldn’t really expect any major featuresuntil next month where there’s a pixel feature drop sowe had a feature drop a month or two ago at this point andnow we should have another one in september or so now let’s take a look atthe build number and as you can.

see here it is qq3a.200805.001and this particular update is all about security patchesso not really anything in particular as far as new features or anythingbut i did want to talk about the pixel 4a in just a moment but let’s go overthe security patches and then we’ll talk about that now there’s quite a fewdifferent security patches there’s one am logic component patchseven framework patches three media frameworkpatches.

four system patches four kernelcomponents that were patched five media tech components that werepatched six qualcomm components and also 27 qualcomm closedsource security components were patched so quite a few different thingsdepending on the device you have it can vary a little bitthere were 14 major ones or so though for all devicesand so all of those things are patched on this particular updateand again it supports that all new pixel 4a that comes in at about 350 dollars sogoogle announced this.

you can pre-order it now and it givesyou basically the camera of the pixel 4 xl just one of them though not both ofthem it gives you one of those and somepeople are seeing some phenomenal results with that camera for350 dollars it’s not going to be as fast as thepixel 4 xl it doesn’t have the faster refresh rate of the displaybut it does have many of the components that you getwith your pixel device you’ve got the simple interface you’ve also got thegreat camera although it’ll be interesting to see howit is as far.

as a video camera but for the price it’s really hard tobeat and i would say it’s in comparison with the iphone se soit’ll be interesting to see if it compares well with those devices and ifyou want me to do a comparison once i get my hands on the pixel 4a letme know in the comments below now speed with this update shouldn’t beany different than what you had before and there’s no bug patches per seso really everything should be pretty fastit should be pretty up to what you’re expecting as far as battery andeverything.

else and so i do use this phone from time totime i carry it with me everywhere i go and it’s my secondary phone most of thetime and so i usually get a day out of battery lifewhen i’m using it regularly if it’s in standby it lasts much longerso performance and battery don’t expect any changes there but for the most partit’s a decent update nothing really excitingit should just work like you expect and that’s.

what you wantwith a pixel device now if you’ve already got this update on yoursamsung device i’d love to hear from you in the comments below sometimes theycome out to samsung devices before or after it’s up to the manufacturer topush these out so they’re out for pixel devices nowsamsung devices if they’re not out alreadyand then of course later this week we should see more samsung devices somaybe.

the galaxy fold 2 as well as a note 20. but let me know what you’relooking at in the comments below which device you’re planning to get as welland if you got the security update i’d love to hear from you if you’d liketo get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the descriptionlike i normally do if you haven’t subscribed already thoughplease subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a likeas always thanks for watching this is Aaron i’ll see you next time you

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