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Google’s flagship yet not quite flagship may not be called the Pixel 5

Google’s flagship yet not quite flagship may not be called the Pixel 5

So Google is expected to launch its flagship phone the Pixel 5 on September 30th which is just 3 weeks away from now but a set of live images of the handset has been leaked which shows that Google’s flagship yet not quite a flagship may not be called the Pixel 5.

Starting on the rear we have a good look at the wide-angle lens that replaces the telephoto. Honestly, I appreciate that Google is bringing a wide-angle camera to this phone but I also think that there should have been a telephoto lens as well or better a periscope camera. It’s 2020 and triple camera setup is a basic necessity for a high caliber phone in my opinion.

As for this weird logo at the back Google always uses a unique symbol of G during the prototyping phase. Also, this is the first time we’re seeing the front of the Pixel 5. It looks identical to the Pixel 4a except the hole punch is a tad smaller and the bezels are slimmer too. Interestingly as you can see the device name has been mentioned as Pixel 5S.

Now, I don’t think Google is renaming the pixel 5 Pixel 5S but it’s possible that this is the 5G version and they are calling it5S, while the 4G version will be called Pixel 5. In any case, we’ll know for sure soon enough, Pixel 5 is going to use an upper midrange Snapdragon 765G to keep the costs down. According to the latest information the handset is expected to cost $649 in the United States and 629 euros in Europe.

So if you don’t want to spend over $1000 on a phone while wanting the best computational photography then Pixel 5 isn’t a bad deal. So LG is making perhaps the most unique smartphone can remember. Called LG Wing, it has two displays, one is a traditional 6.8″ OLED, But a simple 90-degree twist of the display reveals a second, much smaller 4-inch panel that can be used alongside the main screen at all times.

I know what you are thinking…this is clearly an unusual phone in day-to-day use, but the company is clearly expecting that. It’s using the Wing branding to launch an explorer Project category of boundary-pushing phones, and that means taking chances on interfaces that might only appeal to specific people. The possible use case scenario for this phone I can think of you can hold your phone in portrait while watching a full-screen video.

Since the front of our phones have become basically all screen, so this approach might appeal to some. Also when driving, customers can open up the navigation app on the larger screen as well. In the meantime, the smaller one can be used for streaming music through Spotify or YouTube Music and taking calls. So even though it’s super weird, it still has its pros.

LG will unveil this on Septemeber 14th and could be priced at $1000 so you could be paying a premium for that additional screen. With that being said for all the latest updates on smartphone tech please be sure to subscribe and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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