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Google’s Pixel 4a: For those who can’t buy Oneplus Nord.

Google’s Pixel 4a: For those who can’t buy Oneplus Nord.

Hey there guysWelcome to our channel So Oneplus Nord was finally launched afterso much hype. But the availability is preety much limitedto Asia and Europe, so most people who aren’t in those regions who cant get their handson to this phone will be looking for something else and that’s where pixel 4a comes in.

This will be google’s next midrange phoneprobably between 400 to 500$ and Recently, a leak indicated that Google would releasea 5G version of the Pixel 4a. meaning pixel 4a will come in both 4G and 5G variants acrossmost of the markets. It was believed that pixel 4a might launchon the same day as oneplus Nord’s launch event but that didn’t happen. Thats simply means the launch is delayed evenmore.

Anyways worry not the new Pixel 4a leaks arestill in supply. As I said before, Recently it was uncoveredthat pixel 4a might get 5G variant. That’s right. a small US carrier, Boom! Mobile, published a bunch of new phones thatare 5G compatible. one of those was listed as “Google G025E.” As per FCC filings, We know the Pixel 4a hasmodel numbers G025J/G025N/G025M, already.

So, this codename seems like it’s part ofthe family, and listed as 5G compatible seems to suggest a 5G compatible Pixel 4a, whichtherefore likely means a mid-range 5G compatible chipset, likely the Snapdragon 765 or 765G. So this pixel 4a 5G will definitely competeagainst oneplus Nord and maybe in the future, we might see the comparison video betweenthese phones. Since they closely match each other.

Anyways, Its time, I tell you about the specsof the pixel 4a. Now, this is not something new, its alreadybeen told. But its been quite some time so let me refreshyour memory. as per leaks, The display will be a 5.81″P-OLED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate. There doesn’t seem to be a 90Hz refresh ratewhich we are surely gonna miss .

This definitely gives oneplus the edge over pixel 4a. About the processor, the next Pixel phoneswill likely feature Snapdragon 730 and 765 processors. So this was leaked quite a while ago but nowwe have some evidence to prove that there is indeed a 5G variant of pixel 4a. As far as the Pixel 4a camera is concerned,reports claim the handset will feature a single 12.2MP rear-facing sensor with OIS and EIS,and the front-facing camera should be identical to the Pixel 3a’s 8MP sensor.

So although there are not many cameras onthis phone, which makes Google’s cameras so impressive is the processing, rather thanthe actual hardware. So it would interesting to see which phoneperforms better if oneplus Nord was compared with pixel 4a when it launches. Pixel devices always suffer for low batterycapacity, For instance, the pixel 4 was clocked at 2800mah, thankfully for 4a it’s been upgraded,not by much.

But now its believed to be 3140mah. Not sure why Google does this coz every otherphone now comes with a minimum of 4000mah. Anyways it’s reported to charge with 18W fastcharging. Ya and one more thing, For pixel devices,you will get stock OS, receive faster updates and next iteration of android version as well. So that’s it for this videofor more information, subscribe to our channel Peace out.

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