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Homescreen Setup Tutorial Feat. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Homescreen Setup Tutorial Feat. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

So yesterday I asked if you want a tutorialon how to set this android setup on your phone that I have on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. And judging from the number of likes the videogot in less than 24 hours it’s clear a lot of you are interested in this setup. So here it goes. You need to install a few apps for this suchas month for the calendar, flow KWGT, KWGT kustom widget maker, KWGT pro, rain paper,and Good lock or nice lock.

First up, the link to download this wallpaperis in the description as well as to this lock screen wallpaper. To get this calender widget, just add onefrom the home screen and select the month widget that you have downloaded, play withit, resize and even change the appearance of the calendar in the app. Next up, to set this time widget, go to widgets,select Kustom widget and then the size, select 2×4 in this case or anything of your choice,add to your home screen, tap on it and you can see various designs. The one I have is this.

Homescreen Setup Tutorial Feat. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

You can change the size of it. To do it go to the layers and increase ordecrease the scale. Hit the save button up top. Now if you want this widget to open a certainapp when you touch it, you can do that by going into the touch section, click on theplus icon up top, click on none, none again and select what action you want the widgetto do. I’ve selected launch app and then select whichapp you want to launch. Clock in my case, hit the save button, it’simportant and it can now open the clock when you touch it.

Same for this bottom one as well. Widget 4×1 in this case, make it wider, selectthe widget, go to layer and increase the size, and hit save. By the way, you can further customize thiswidget, I don’t want the time to show up here because it’s already up there. So in order to replace it with something else,click on the widget, you’ll see this editor, click on the status and then on Text withtime, then click on the time, you’ll see this. Remove the formula editor, and click on anythingthat you want.

There are a lot of options out here. I chose fitness data, to be specific the numberof steps that I’ve walked in a day. Select that and click okay. Remember that you need to install Google fiton your phone because the widget uses Google fit to track your steps. Now for this rain effect, you’ll need rainpaper. Open it, choose the background, and customizethe rain according to your preference.

Now the stock multitasking layout looks boring,to be honest. But this one, on the other hand, looks milesbetter and is actually pretty satisfying to look at. So to make it look like this, all you needis good lock. Open the app, go to task changer, and selectstack and also blur the background. Now, unfortunately, Good lock app is availableonly in select countries.

If you don’t find it on the play store orgalaxy store then follow these steps. Download Nice Lock from play store, open ityou’ll see all the good lock features but you need install them one by one. Fortunately for this, you only need task changer. I’ve already installed it so I’ll select lockstarfor demonstration, click on it, it’ll take you to the XDA forum, click on the downloadercompanion website, click on the good lock modules, you select task changer, then followthe onscreen steps, click see available apps and then click on the apk as shown and finallydownload apk and install it.

Don’t worry, it’s totally safe. And then go to nice lock, task changer andyou know the rest. So this is it. All the links to everything you need are inthe description box below.

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