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Honor 9A Budget Smartphone | Overview / Gaming / Camera Test | Is It Worth £129?

Honor 9A Budget Smartphone | Overview / Gaming / Camera Test | Is It Worth £129?

What’s up guys Chigz here from ChigzTech Reviews So today i’ve got my hands on the Honor9A Now this is a new budget handset pricedaround £130 and let’s talk about the main highlights of this smartphonewell you are getting a large water drop display androidversion 10 a built-in smart pa sound systemwhich can hit up to 88 decibels of sound and you know we are going to be testingit out i have my sound meter right here nowyou’ve also got built-in nfc audio jack and lots lots more.

so insidethe box you will find a micro usb cable a 10 wattusb charger now you’re also getting a pair of wired headphones 3.5 millimeterwhich is definitely a good sign and last but not least the smartphoneitself so here it is guys the honor 9a now thephone body is made from plastic it’s finished in a glossy black color ona logo now at the bottom of the smartphoneyou’ve got your loudspeaker micro usb charging port a microphone anda 3.5 millimeter headphone jack now on the sidewe’ve got volume rocker and power button and at the top of the device you’ll findanother microphone and on this side.

you will find yourtriple sim card tray which can take two nano sim cards andone micro sd card up to 512 gigs now this smartphone isnine millimeters in thickness and weighs 185 grams now you do have a fingerprintsensor on the back and to my surprise it’s actually a veryfast fingerprint sensor not only that you also have apretty quick and accurate face unlock so it’s nice to see a budget smartphonewith a fast fingerprint sensor and face unlockwhich is quite rare in this price range now this is an honor phone.

and as youguys already know honor and huawei no longer havegoogle services so instead you have the app gallerywhere you can download most popular games and apps which are available todownload instantly and you’ve also got theirbrand new feature called petal search where you can actually search for anyapp you like and these are the apps that i’ve actuallysearched for and have downloaded successfullyso you can see i’ve got netflix call of duty pubg mobileand whatsapp messenger amongst a few others on the front.

we have a 6.3 inchips water drop display with a screen resolution of 720 by 1600so that’s hd plus display with 278 pixels per inchnow you’ve got plenty of bezels going all the way around with a chinand forehead now the phone is powered by the mediatek p22 quad coreclocked at 2 gigahertz combined with the power vrge 320 graphics now the gaming performance is actually not bad at allyou can play call of duty mobile and pubg mobile on medium to low graphicalsettings and the gameplay is pretty smooth withminimal lag noticed.

you’re also getting three gigs of lpddr4 ram and 64 gigs of internal storage with theoption to expand that storage via microsdon the back you do have a triple camera setup with a 13 megapixel primary sensora 5 megapixel wide angle lens and a 2 megapixeldepth sensor and on the front you have an 8 megapixel selfiewater drop camera now you can shoot a maximum of 1080p at 30 frames per secondwith both the front and rear facing camera and there doesn’t appear to beany image stabilization available either and i’ll quickly gothrough the camera modes you’ve got aperturebeauty photo video and more and under more you willsee.

a pro mode panorama and hdrwe’re going to do a fake camera test we’re going to make sure all thesesensors are working that’s the primary lens i’ve covered uptwo of the other lenses so i have opened up the camera appthat’s our subject in the middle now if we switch to the wide-angle lensyou can see it’s total blur so that means this smartphone has passedmy fake sensor test and all the sensors are individually working as they shouldso we’ve got special speakers in here it’s supposed to be very very loudso we’re going to test that out with my sound meter which is right herei’ll switch the sound meter on so here we go so you only.

got a single speaker but thesound volume gets extremely loud and peaks at around 88 to90 decibels which is quite decent and i’m also pleased to say the soundquality is quite good you’re not getting any distortion even when playing musicon the maximum volume so decent quality loudspeaker in thissmartphone now the honor 9a supports single band wi-fihowever in the wi-fi speed test i was able to achievemy top broadband speed of 50 megabits per secondnow if we talk about benchmark performance this smartphone has achieved91k.

on antutu and here is my top performing smartphone chart of 2020showing you the latest smartphones and seeing how they compare with eachother and as you can see the honor 9a has taken position 51on this chart with a benchmark score of 91kso there you have it guys that was the honor 9aa super budget smartphone priced only this smartphone will give you a decent enough performance to play gameslike cod mobile and pubg mobile on mediumto low settings now the games actually look and play quite wellwith.

very minimal lag now you do have other extras on this phone not normallyfound at this price point such as ddr4 rammicro sd expansion built-in nfc legit triple cameraswhich actually take decent enough photos in good lighting situationshowever that being said shots taken with the ultrawide sensor do not look greatbut the primary lens does a decent enough job now the battery life isactually pretty good.

that massive 5000 milliamp hour batterywill allow you to achieve between two to three days battery lifewith medium to light usage now on the downside it supports micro usb chargingand takes around three hours to fully charge so no fast charging availableso bottom line this smartphone may not be the best choice out thereif you’re looking for a daily driver however if you’re someone who does notneed a high-end device and is not toobothered about google services and wants something with a seriouslygood.

battery life nice and bright display decent primarycamera and the latest android 10 then the honor9a at 129 might not be a bad choicebut of course it’s quite hard to ignore the xiaomi redmi rangeat this price point so any questions do fire them at me in the comments belowand i’ll do my best to respond asap meanwhile thank you so much forwatching and i hope you all have a brilliant day i’ll see you guys in thenext one you.

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