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How to mute my WhatsApp group notifications

How to mute my WhatsApp group notifications

When the whole country follows the closure to contain the spread of the emerging Covid-19 virus, phone calls, WhatsApp and other chat platforms have become the primary method of communication.

This has also increased the amount of messages one usually receives on WhatsApp groups that sometimes get annoying. Fortunately, WhatsApp comes with an option that allows users to ignore and deactivate group notifications for a certain period of time.

However, even after the group is muted, you will receive notifications and messages, but the phone will not vibrate or play the notification tone, in fact it will not be displayed in the notifications panel.

Prerequisite: The
latest version of WhatsApp
internet connection works

Steps to follow:

1.Open WhatsApp and scroll in any group chat
2.Click and hold or long press on the group name and choose the “Mute” icon from the top
3. Alternatively, you can also open the group chat and tap three icon and select the mute notifications option.
4. Now, choose how long you want to keep group notifications in mute mode and click OK

To unmute group notifications, head to group chat, tap three points from the upper right corner and choose the option to unmute notifications.

1. iPhone users can also drag the group to the left from the chats tab and click more
2. Click on mute option.
3. Repeat the same thing to mute group notifications

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