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Huawei SHOCKS Samsung And Apple

Huawei SHOCKS Samsung And Apple

So for the very first time, Huawei managedto surpass Samsung for the most number of smartphones sold worldwide in a particularquarter. Thereby claiming the title of the world’sbiggest smartphone vendor. If you remember Huawei did manage to beatSamsung in the month of April but it’s the first time ever that they are at the top forthe entire quarter.

Huawei shipped 55.8 million devices, whereasSamsung shipped 53.7 million smartphones in Q2. For Samsung, that’s a decrease of 30% comparedto Q2 2019. Absolutely no one would have predicted thiswould happen just a few months ago.

But to everyone’s surprise, Huawei actuallydid what they said they would do a year ago. But this reign from Huawei isn’t expectedto last for long because in the first place they managed to beat Samsung only becauseof the pandemic. You see Huawei’s main market is China whichcontributes to over 70% of its business. Given how China was the first to end up inthis COVID mess, it’s also the first country to experience the recovery.

When cases were being spiked in countrieslike the US, Europe, India, and more which are Samsung’s main markets, there were veryminimal cases in China and the economy was back to normal. Since Samsung has less than 1% market sharein China, this gave Huawei a huge advantage because its reliance on the China market hasgiven them a big and you can say an unfair advantage. Even the senior analyst at Canalys who compiledthis report says the same thing that and I quote, “If it wasn’t for COVID, it wouldn’thave happened.

Huawei has taken full advantage of the Chineseeconomic recovery to reignite its smartphone business.” Since the economy is getting back to normalin Samsung’s main markets, they will more likely reclaim the number one spot in quarter3 of this year. It looks like the end of Bixby is near. Bloomberg reports that Samsung and Googleare in a discussion for a deal that involves promoting the Google Assistant and the PlayStore over Samsung’s own alternatives which are Bixby and Galaxy store.

Samsung has built an ecosystem of its ownon top of Android and Google. This ecosystem covers apps like web browsersand email clients, the Galaxy Store for apps, and the Bixby assistant. Since Samsung sells the most smartphones ina year, shipping over 300 million units every single year, Google certainly stands to benefita lot from this massive scale. Since Samsung invested quite a lot of moneyinto building this ecosystem, it will take some convincing this time. Google has a multi-billion-dollar agreementwith Apple to be the default search provider in the Safari browser.

So we can expect a similar deal with Samsungas well where Google pays certain billion dollars to Samsung for certain years to pushAssistant and play store over Bixby and Galaxy Store. This is certainly great news for people whoare annoyed with Bixby as it’s inferior to the Google assistant but Galaxy store featuressome exclusive apps and games that are not available on the play store. So this means Samsung users will not havethat exclusivity anymore. Anyway, let me know your thought about thisdown in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

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