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Infinix Zero 8 – How to disable ads and remove all bloatware

Infinix Zero 8 – How to disable ads and remove all bloatware

If you are watching this video chances areyou’re using an Infinix Zero 8 or any Infinix device,or maybe a Tecno device, or a Xiaomi device or you’re looking to buy one, or any phoneat all that comes with alot of bloatware and intrusive ads. In this video I’m going to show you how touninstall, disable and block all bloatware and ads that threatens the fluidity and userexperience of your device. What is up guys? Izzi here and welcome to my channel.

If you find this video helpful, a sub to thechannel would be awesome. So we are going to turn this bloatware filledand cluttered space to something neat and simple. Now some smartphone companies put bloatwareand ads on their devices. This is a way of generating more funds sothey can bring great specifications at very affordable price point. However this hurts user experience. With brands like Infinix and Tecno these adsare way more aggressive with each new version of their software. Even apps like the weather app or phone masterthat should be protecting the device is going to serve you ads.

Infinix Zero 8 - How to disable ads and remove all bloatware

Now if you want to be supportive, you canlive with the bloatware and even click on the ads as they pop up, it’s going to helpthe brand. But personally, I’ve paid for a device, Ithink I deserve some decency and respect from the software. For this video I’m using the Infinix Zero8 but this is also applicable to all Tecno and Transsion devices or any android devicefor that matter. This video is going to be split into two partsdivided by timestamps.

The first part is going to be how to disablethe ads and get rid of the bloatwares, while the second part is going to be how I set upNova Launcher. So you don’t have to watch the entire video,you only have to watch the second part if you want to see how I set up my device. So, let’s get started. We are going to uninstall the bloatwares,disable the ones we can’t uninstall and restrict permissions for the apps that cannot be disabledand that’s pretty much it. The major culprit here is usually the stocklauncher. On the Infinix Zero 8 it’s know as XOS launcher.

Other system apps like phone master, Phoenixbrowser and even the weather app is going to send you ads as notifications. Using the custom launcher fixes 50% of thead problem. I’m going to be using nova Launcher, you canfind that easily on the play store, you don’t need a paid version. I’ll also be downloading an icon pack. For this video I’m using the Elta Icon pack. There’s a variety of those on the playstore,so which ever you prefer should work just fine. While this installs, let’s deal with the bloatware.

Now go to your app drawer and uninstall anyapp you don’t need. Now the ones you can’t uninstall can be disabledbut for the sake of clarity, I’m going to show you each app I’m getting rid off. When you launch the app drawer on Tecno andInfinix devices, the first thing you see at the top is instant apps. Now these are not apps installed on the devicebut they are more like ads and you can turn them off from the settings, but installinga custom launcher particularly fixes that problem.

The first app to go is AHA games, I don’tneed it and I doubt you will. You tap and hold, options will come up, there’sno option to uninstall but it can be disabled, click on application details. At the bottom of the screen you should seeoption to disable, click that and confirm. It’s gone from the app drawer and it shouldnot disturb you. Next is Carlcare, same process as the lastapp. It can be useful if you need repair servicesbut I’m going to disable it.

You can always enable it from the settingsif you ever need it. You can do all of that for any app you don’tneed. Instant apps is also part of XOS launcherso it cannot be uninstalled or disabled. So we need to restrict permissions of thelauncher because its going to send notifications even if you are using a custom launcher. Now to do that, click on app information anddeny the launcher access to all applications. You all need to turn off notifications fromthe XOS launcher so you don’t see any ads popping up on your notifications panel andalso restrict background data usage.

That pretty much silences the launcher, itsnot going to interrupt or send ads since all access is restricted. Phoenix browser disabled, Palmstore disabled,SIMO disabled, WPS office uninstalled, I use Microsoft Office. Xpark disabled, Xshare disabled, Xclub disabled… Everything X disabled. Now Xtheme is a part of the XOS launcher soit’s pretty much already dealt with since we’ve restricted the launcher access.

These launcher apps would leave the app drawerwhen we apply a custom launcher. Yoparty disabled. You also need to disable or uninstall theweather app because that’s going to send you ads too. Phone master is going to follow the same processas the XOS launcher… Restrict permission and background data access. Now that we’ve dealt with all the bloatware,it’s time to apply Nova Launcher. You can either apply it by launching the appand setting it as default or you go to app management under settings, click on the defaultapps and select your preferred launcher.

I’m starting with a fresh setup, so I’ll customizeit to my taste. Now that’s basically how you get rid of adsand bloatware on the Infinix Zero 8 or any other similar device… Now if you want to see how I set up Nova Launcher,you can keep watching this video. I prefer using gesture navigation, so I’mgoing to enable that first. To do that you’ll just have to go to settingsand search for system navigation then you can enable it. So we have Nova Launcher installed and applied,so you can customize it as you see fit. To access the settings you tap and hold onan empty space on the home screen.

First you want to go to home screen settingsand set the desktop grid. Personally for the home screen I’m going toset mine to 9×7, you can increase or reduce the icon size as you see fit. As for icon labels on the home screen, I turnedthose of because by the icons I’m able to identify which app. Now to change the icons, you first want tolaunch the icon pack you downloaded, so Nova can have access. Now go back to nova settings and select lookand feel. Then choose your preferred icon style. With the icon applied we can go on to finishthe set up.

For my app drawer grid I use 7×5. I don’t like multiple home screens, so I’mgoing to get rid of all that just leaving one. The Infinix zero 8 is a tall device, so it’snot really convenient for me to have all the apps all the way down docked at the bottom. So I’m going to move and arrange them at aconvenient spot on the screen. I don’t like my home screen clustered withtoo many apps, there’s an app drawer for that. So I’m going to select my 5 most use appsand have them as the only app showing on the home screen.

I also like to have the background of theapp drawer a little transparent so I can see the wallpaper behind it. You can do that by going to nova settings,select app drawer and set background transperency as you see fit. 61% is just fine for me. I’m also going to turn off frequently usedapp suggestions. Now you can see the transparency but the textis not very readable. I can change the font colour to black butI’ll just change the background colour to black instead. From icon layout you can set the font colourand increase or reduce the font size. Well, I’m just going to change font type tonormal. Now this looks better.

Now we need to set a fitting wallpaper, I like using wallpapers that takes full advantage of the position of the camera cutout. Now I get a lot of questions asking where I get my wallpapers from, I use a lot of sources Reddit, Zedge app, and different sources but for this video, the wallpaper I used is gotten from the Zedge application. You can get it from the play store. Precisely I searched for s10+ wallpapers, downloaded them, and use an image editor to flip the image since on the s10+ the whole pouch cutout is the right side.

I have a Google drive link in the description in case you want any of these wallpapers. To apply any wallpaper you can do that from the image gallery. All you have to do is align it properly with the camera cutout. I also like to have a Google search bar on my home screen, you can add that from the home screen settings. There are lots of options to choose from and you can resize it as you see fit. So that is my setup. I like it simple with very minimal distractions on the home screen.

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