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iOS 14 Accessibility Features – What’s New?

iOS 14 Accessibility Features – What’s New?

hi everyone aaron here for Zollotech andquite a few people have asked me recently to cover all of theaccessibility features within ios 14. now ios 14 will be released to thepublic in late september or maybe october thisyear based on delays or maybe it’s out by the time you’rewatching this video but either way those that have difficulty as far asvisual impairments or maybe hearing impairmentsquite a few people have actually asked me to do some sort of video covering theaccessibility features of ios 14.

and so whether or not you have animpairment or not these features can be helpful to youeither way if you want to navigate your device a little bit differently and solet me first go over the new voiceover accessibility optionsso in order to access those what we’ll do is we’ll go to settingsunder settings scroll down and go to accessibility and everything we’ll talkabout is under accessibility now the firstthing is voiceover recognition now you can seethat we have voiceover here at the top.

if i tap onvoiceover we now have voiceover recognition abouthalfway down and so voiceover recognition gives usfour new options and the first one is image descriptionsif we have image descriptions turned on it will actually explain what’s in theimage based off of ai that the device recognizes it alsohas screen recognition so it says youriphone will automatically make apps more accessible by recognizing items on thescreen we also have text recognition so itrecognizes texts and will speak that back or text and speak it backand.

then we can select the feedback style that we want such as play a soundspeak or do nothing and so if i go back and i turn this onit will start speaking everything on the display so let me turn it onyou also have practice but it also gives you visual cues as to what you’reselecting so whether or not you’re hearing impairedor visually impaired you can use this either way to to betterhelp select what you want so i’m going to go home will slide up iwait for it to jiggle and give me haptic feedbackand then we’ll be on the home screen now if i turn the volume up you’ll hear thatit’s actually describing everything i’m doingso i’m going to go through each.

one of these things to show you exactly how itworks to scroll with voice recognition turnedon or voiceover turned on you use three fingers so it’s a little bit hardto navigate you double tap on an object to open it or tap on it tounderstand what it is so let me turn up the volume so you can hearand then we’ll go through some of the new featuresdoc safari double tap to open safari address solid edge.

comsecure and validated connection double tap to show controls so it’sexplained to me what’s on my website what website i’m at and whether or notthe website is secure and how i can access controls now whatwe’ll do next is have it recognize what’s in this image right here so takea listen to this iphone 10s max one year later imagea cell phone on a wooden surface e year so it understood that there’s acell phone on a wooden surface i didn’t tell it that that’s not thename of the image.

or anything just understood that’s what’s there we’llslide down or scroll down and now that we’ve scrolled down we havesome text so let’s see if it can recognize the texti’ve been using iphone 10s max for an entire yeari share my experience with the iphone xs max over the past year and talk aboutits durability performance cameras and more now thatwe’ve heard that it actually can understandimages understand text let’s go back homeand see if it can understand what’s on the screen double tap page two of threesiri suggestions.

widget stack create new direct message swipesiri suggestions app store wednesday july 29thapple arcade five through page two of eightand uh page three of eight apple arcade this week on apple arcade so if you’revisually impaired you can see how this can help youbetter navigate around an iphone so for those of you thatactually are visually impaired hopefully this helps out you’ve got voice overrecognition that now recognizes images texts andscreen recognition as well as gives you audible andvisual and also a haptic feedback.

as wellnow i’ve turned voiceover off so we can take a look at the nextaccessibility update and that has to do with audioor headphone accommodations so again under accessibilityif we scroll down to where we see audio slash visualunder the hearing section tap on that and then you’ll see audio accommodationsor headphone accommodations now specifically you need apple or beatsheadphones for this to work so i’ve got my air pods too here you canuse air pods air pods pro beats headphones.

but let’s go ahead anduse this one and then go into headphone accommodationsnow under accommodations you’ll see that we have the ability to customize theaudio for supported apple and beats headphones by adjusting the settingsbelow or through custom audio setup and the settings are things such asbalance tone better settings for vocal range orbrightness and then you can adjust the amount it will be boosted so slightmoderate or strong and then you can apply it with only.

thephone only the media or both so let’s go ahead and go to custom audiosetup and here you can see you can adjustspeech for phone calls hear more musical detail and dialogue inmovies and then audiogram use an audiogram fromhealth to customize your audio so we’ll go ahead and hit continue andit says before getting started look for a quiet environment and thenconnect your headphones to continue so we’ll cancel that for now and if wewant to adjust this maybe we want to change.

the vocal rangeso it has a little bit of a different sound maybe we want it moderate orstrong and then we can play a sample if we want toso you can set this up however you’d like whatever works best for yourhearing ability and if you’re having difficulty hearingvoc voice for example boost the vocal range within differentmovies or just in your surroundings so we’ll go ahead and turn that off andtake a look at the next update now.

the next new feature has to dowith recognizing sounds or sound recognitionit’s under the same heading under accessibility you’ll find it underhearing and if you go to sound recognition andturn it on what it will do is alert you when it hears sounds somaybe your hearing impaired and you want your iphone to recognizewhen it hears a different sound and let you know it can now do thatwith ios 14. so if we go into sounds you’ll see all of the different thingsthat it can recognize so under alarms we have fire siren andsmoke for animals.

it will recognize a cat ordog under household it will recognize appliancesa car horn doorbell door knock water runningand then under people it can recognize a baby crying orshouting and it will recognize that and then let you knowvia notification now i actually have do not disturb turned on so you won’t seethis if you just actually leave that on but if you turnthat off or look at our notifications here and i play the sound of a doorbellso we’ll play that the phone will actually recognize it andit pops up a notification saying a sound has been recognized.

that may be adoorbell and so it lets you know that it heard asound so it will let you know that visually on your phone and if you haveit turned on as far as your notificationsyou’ll see that pop up on your phone so it’s a really helpful way to let youknow that there’s something going on if you’re having trouble hearing it now thenext function got a lot of attention when it was firstdiscovered and that’s called back tap back tap allows you to tap the back ofyour phone to activate a function on your phoneand what you can do with it is set a double tap or triple tap to activatethat feature now this feature works specifically.

withthe iphone 8 the 8 plus the iphone 10 the iphone 10sthe iphone 10s max iphone 11 iphone 11 proiphone 11 pro max and the 2020 iphone se at least at the time of this videowhether or not they bring that to older phones by the time you’re watching thisis hard to say but that is what is currently supported at the time of thisvideo now in order to take a look at thesesettings what you want to do is go again into accessibilitygo to physical and motor and then tap on touchscroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see back tabgo ahead and tap on that and if you turn it on you’ll have different options socurrently you’ll see that i have flashlight.

on and flashlight offdepending on the function so if i flip my phone over tap the backtwice it runs a function and turns on theflashlight tap it three times it turns it back offi created a shortcut to do that but you can tap on this and selectdifferent system functions anything from the app switcher to shaking the phoneto accessibility or anything else you’d like to do that you can do withinshortcuts so you have the option to turn that onif you don’t want it simply turn it back off and tap on noneand it will turn off those features.

so if you don’t want back tap on you canhave it on or off but it’s nice to have it thereas a little way to activate a function very quicklynow the final thing they’ve updated has to do with facetime nowunfortunately i can’t really show this to you so i’ll describe itbut if you have a facetime group call and you use sign languageit will actually make the person speaking using sign language moreprominent or it will make them.

closer to the screen so you can see them betterit works the exact same way as if you were in a conversationand the person speaking is enlarged within that windowit does the same thing now with sign language so it actually recognizes thatyou’re using sign language and makes that person more prominent soit’s a great feature to have and apple is always adding greataccessibility functions but this year those are what they’ve added to ios if you’re using accessibility functions regularly to navigate yourphone i’d love to.

hear from you if there’s any other videos you’d like tosee or anything else you’d like to learn howto do so let me know in the comments belowif you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course i’ll link it in thedescription as i normally do and if you haven’t subscribed alreadyplease subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a likeas always thanks for watching this is Aaroni’ll see you next time you.

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