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iPhone 12 Rumors and Expectations

iPhone 12 Rumors and Expectations

– This episode of Krazy Ken’s Tech Talk is sponsored by Artgrid. So I’m examining thisiPhone 12 dummy model and one thing I’m kind ofcurious about is what’s this? You got the side button here,the volume buttons here, the SIM card tray here, but there’s this extralittle thing on here and also the port on thebottom is bigger than a lightning connector so, USB-C.

Well, that’s kind of interesting. Let’s dive in. Hey guys, how are you all doing, really? That’s just great. You know, I’m doingpretty great today too, because the iPhone 12 is coming soon. iPhone cases are aninsanely popular accessory so if you’re a company that makes them, you’re going to want to releasethem as soon as possible, right after the new phone gets released so you can have that advantage and that’s one big reason whythese dummy models are made, just so companies can tryto make their products and get them ready togo as quick as possible. We will see an official iPhone12 announcement in September with the release dateslated sometime in October. It is a little bit later thisyear, probably due to COVID, but it’s still coming soonand it will be a lot of fun. So we’re looking at threescreen sizes for the iPhone 12.

We’re looking at a 5.4, a 6.1 and a 6.7, which would actually be thelargest screen size ever on an iPhone and overall, justacross everything you see, the design language is borrowedfrom the iPad pro with the rounded corners and the square edges, which I think looks reallynice, but more importantly, it just feels really nice. To me, the square edges justfeel more secure in your hand when you’re holding the phone.

I was never a huge fanof the rounded edges which Apple started doing withthe whole iPhone six release and they’ve been doing that ever since. I just, it never felt as secure, especially with that slippery aluminum. It just never feltsuper secure in my hand, but I still bought aniPhone six plus, whatever, I got over it, I put acase on it and it was nice but this feels good without a case.

It feels nice and secure so I’m excited to see thatdesign language come back. Another cool thing isthe screens will all be OLED this year. That’s the speculation. So no more liquid retina display stuff. OLED across the board. I did notice though thatthis particular dummy, all three of these, donot show chamfered edges, the kind of like what wehad on the iPhone five so I don’t know if the chamfered edges are going to be in the iPhone 12 or not. I don’t know if they just skipthat for the dummy designed to save costs, I’m notreally sure but we’ll see. I’m sure it’ll look just fine.

It also looks like there’ssome different materials here. So there’s going to be one 6.7inch phone, two 6.1 inches, one’s going to be a pro andone’s not going to be a pro and then the one 15.4. The non-pro phones look likethey’re going to have this sort of aluminum finish whereas the pro models and the pro max are going to have thestainless steel kind of finish which would make sense because that’s what Appleis doing with the iPhone 11 and personally, I wouldgo for the stainless steel cause I think that justgrips better and it just, it looks shiny but youknow, aluminum is good too.

Another small change,not super crazy important is the SIM tray is locatedon the volume rocker side and that’s not earth shattering, but normally it’s on theside with the side button, but now it’s on this side so, that’s a little somethingthat’s interesting, but something that’s alittle more intriguing is on these dummy modelsthe port on the bottom is bigger than a Lightning plug. In fact, it fits USB C.

There is talk that Applewill ditch Lightning in favor of USB C. Kind of like what theydo on their MacBook pros and on their iPad pros but there’s also rumorsthat in a future iPhone they’re going to go portlets. There’s not going to be any ports at all. So would it really make sense for Apple to switchfrom lightning to USB C and then just kill offthe ports a year later? To me that doesn’t really sound right. I think these dummieswere just manufactured with USB C based on incorrect rumors, or maybe it was just amanufacturing defect, but I think we’re going to seelightning on the iPhone 12.

Okay so that brings us back to the thing I was talkingabout at the beginning. What’s this? The SIM card is on thisside, the SIM card tray, and then there’s thisbigger thing on this side, underneath the side button. So I did a little digging into this and I believe it’s the AIPfor a millimeter wave 5G and will talk more about 5G later, but I’m pretty surethat’s what this is for. If anyone has any other theories, please let me know inthe comments down below. Okay, so let’s talk about the display. Again, there’s going to bethree screen size options across four different models and rumor has it that atleast one of the models will have ProMotion.

This is a feature that’sin the iPad pro right now and ProMotion is essentiallyan adaptive refresh rate feature, that can go up to 120 Hertz and it will adjust upto 120 Hertz or lower depending on what contentis displayed on the screen and 120 Hertz would make everything look a lot smoother on the screen compared to the regular 60Hertz we see on today’s iPhones. Now we might not see ProMotionin all of the models, we’ll only probably onlysee it in the pro models, which makes sense, it hasthe word pro in the name, but there’s also sometalk that we may not see ProMotion at all because there could be some R&D issues with it. Apple has some higherstandards when it comes to power management and battery life and doing 120 Hertz, doublethe refresh rate on your screen will suck up battery life way quicker.

I ran a little poll on my Twitter and on my YouTube communityto see if people would be okay with a higher refresh rateat the cost of battery life. About two thirds of the responses said no so, that’s something to think about and if there is an issuewith making this feature work and also maintaining the battery life, Apple is not going to do it. Think about when theydid the multitasking.

It took them a while toget multitasking in iOS, but a big reason theywaited and worked on it more was to save battery life so, they’re not goingto release this feature until it is good and ready. If it does come out in the iPhone 12, my bet is it’s only going tobe on the higher end models and if we don’t see it thisyear, we’ll see it in 2021. An interesting thing thoughis JunoTecho on Twitter pointed out a screenshotin iOS 14 that said limit frame rate so, it looks like Apple is testingout ProMotion on iPhone, but he also reported theswitch has since disappeared so maybe that was a bug and it wasn’t supposed tobe seen in the first place. Pretty interesting.

What about Touch ID? There was rumor about the Touch ID feature coming into the display instead of it being on a separate button. We’re probably not gonna seethat on the iPhone 12 though. We could see that in the future, but I doubt we’ll see that on the 12. It’ll just be Face ID for now. I’m just going to flipthese guys over now because, I just like looking at the backs. They’re kind of shiny. Anyway, the next thingI want to talk about is kind of a weird topic because I don’t think I’ve seen any other smartphone do this.

Apple is rumored to not shipthe charger with the iPhone 12. We’re not going to seeheadphones in the box either, but there’s also talk that there’s not going tobe the USB power brick. There’s also talk, we may not even see theLightning cable, period, but there’s also a rumor saying that we may see the lightning cable, but it will be designedwith a new braided look. So there’s some mixed rumors here about whether or not we’regoing to see the cable or the brick.

Personally, I still think we’regonna get a Lightning cable cause could you imagine,being a first time iPhone user and you come home and youuse it and then it’s dead and you have no way to charge it. That would just be stupid, but on the flip side forus existing iPhone users, we probably have a ton ofthese laying around the house so it doesn’t matter. So why would Apple do this? Well, for starters, notincluding that stuff in the box will keep productioncosts down a little bit, but also it’ll help keep the box smaller which means you can fitmore boxes in shipments which is good for the environment and another thing too,is it will reduce E-waste so, a bunch of thesedon’t end up in properly just being thrown out or whatever so, that will cut back on E-waste, which could be good for the environment, but here’s another reason whyI think they’re doing this.

If they’re truly goingto go portless which, it’s Apple, I bet they are. That means everything’s goingto be charged wirelessly. You won’t need a physical plug anymore. So I think keeping the charger, the physical plugin charger out of the box is kind of like a transition strategy to get people ready fora fully wireless phone. They kind of started pushing that when they removed the headphone Jack and then they started selling air pods and all that good stuff. So this actually opens up the possibility for Apple to ship anew charging accessory. Maybe we’ll see air power, come back.

It also opens up thepossibility for other companies to start manufacturing their own wireless chargers for the iPhone, more than what we have right now and you know, it may sound silly that Apple is killingoff a certain feature and they’re now going tosell you the fix to it, but that’s kind of whatthey did with the whole AirPods thing, you know, theykilled off the headphone Jack and now they’re sellingwireless headphones and they’re making billions doing that and other companies are selling their own wireless headphones as well and I bet you, within two years of Apple killing off allports on their phones, you’re going to see most, if not all comparable smartphonesgo portlets as well. All right, let’s about 5G.

The iPhone 12 will have 5G. The antenna bands are actuallybigger than on the iPhone 11 making way for the 5G connectivity. Now again, we have thisAIP on the pro max here, I don’t see it on these models, and that enables millimeter-wave 5G, which has faster than sub-six 5G. We’re not a hundred percentclear about that yet. We’ll find out more in September, but bottom line between subsix and millimeter-wave, you’re going to get 5G on the iPhone 12 and with a Qualcommmodem, not an Intel modem.

Apple did switch toIntel a little while ago for their LTE connectivity, but it looks like Apple isgoing to be switching back to Qualcomm now and there is actuallythis crazy legal story as to why they did theswitch in the first place, but that’s a whole differentrabbit hole of a conversation, but you’re in luck, Renee Ritchie did a good video about this so go check that out after this one. Okay, time to talkabout the camera system. In fact, these really aren’tphones with cameras anymore. They’re cameras with phones.

I don’t even make phonecalls on my phone anymore. Anyway, not a lot ofbig changes this year, hate to burst your bubble butthere’s still a few things. The optical zoom is goingto go from two X to three X, which will help you zoomin a little bit better without digital artifactsor anything like that, so that’s nice. There was also some codein iOS 14 that suggests 4K video at 120 frames per second, and 240 frames per second,which means you can get really slow motion withthose new camera updates.

So those are some small things, but the bigger thing is LIDAR. LIDAR is a feature that’son the iPad Pro right now, which enables you, dependingon what software you’re using to create these reallyfast, seamless, real time, augmented reality experiences, which is pretty sweet that that could be coming to the iPhone now, but these dummy models don’tshow any LIDAR sensors, but I’m willing to bet we willsee LIDAR in the iPhone 12 when it’s officially announced, probably just on the proor even just the pro max so, let’s keep our eyes peeled for that but with time after the 12 release we will see LIDAR get rolledout to the other devices. So cost, how much will it cost? The wealthier you are theless expensive it’ll seem. Thanks college humor for that one. No, in all seriousness right now, the rumors are suggesting the entry level 5.4 inch iPhone in us dollarsis going to range from $649 to $749.

We’re not sure which one it is yet, but we know it’s goingto be within that range. My bet, 699. That’s what I’m guessing,so we’ll see soon. So September is goingto be a very fun month and when the announcement is made, I will absolutely talk aboutmy first impressions with it and when I can actually getthe real phone in my hands, I will absolutely do a review. So make sure you’re subscribedand stay tuned for that and I want to give aspecial thanks to Artgrid for sponsoring today’s episode. Artgrid is a powerful royalty free stock footage licensing platform created by filmmakers for filmmakers and it’s perfect for your YouTube videos or anything you publish. Video podcasts, commercialvideos, and more.

Stock footage can be expensive and the licensing can be complicated, but Artgrid makes it easy. A single annual subscription gives you access to tons of clips and you can download anything you want throughout the whole year, no limits, and you can keep thefootage of license forever, and there’s even a stockmusic subscription too. I use them all the timefor my YouTube show. So when you start workingon that next video, be sure to add some awesomeArtgrid clips into it, and if you sign up through my link, you’ll be supporting the channel and you’ll get two extra months free added to your subscription.

Let me know what you guyswant to see in the iPhone 12. Just feel free to dropa comment down below. It’s going to be a fun release and if you want to support this channel, plus get some cool perks, feel free to click thejoin button below the video and if for some reason thejoin button isn’t there, there’s a link in the description and if you liked thisvideo, you know what to do. Thanks for sticking with me,catch the crazy and pass it on.

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