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iPhone SE (2020) Review: Exceptional Value

iPhone SE (2020) Review: Exceptional Value

Hey there, Alex here. This is the new iPhone SE. Since it took me so long to finally get myhands on it, I’m sure most of you have already seen a bunch of other reviews on it, so I’llkeep this as short as I can. Like the original iPhone SE, the new SE isusing the same formula as before. Take an old iPhone body, and give it the latestchipset. In this case, it’s the iPhone 8 with theA13 Bionic chipset.

So how is it like to use a phone like thatin 2020? The answer is, surprisingly good. The main thing that surprised me was not howgood the performance is, because we all know that the A13 Bionic chipset is a beast. The thing that surprised me, was how wellthe iPhone 8’s basic design has held up over the years. Other than the 16:9 display with thick bezels,the rest of the phone is still remarkably solid.

It’s really well-built with tight tolerancesand has an IP67 rating. It has decent sounding stereo speakers whichstill isn’t common for phones in this price range. It has TouchID, which is a godsent these daysbecause of “you know what”. Even the display actually still looks prettydecent with good enough brightness and nice colour reproduction.

These are things that you might not even findon newer mid range Android devices. It took me a bit of time to get used to thesmaller screen again, but after that, it’s pretty great. Other than everything looking a bit smaller,it does pretty everything I need from a phone. I’m liking how much easier it is to usethe back gesture, and swiping up to access the control centre feels so much more naturalto me.

The camera quality is another thing that surprisedme as well. Even though the camera hardware is prettymuch from the iPhone 8, just with the improved image processing from the newer chipset, theiPhone SE is actually able to capture pretty decent looking shots. It even supports portrait mode. The only slightly disappointing thing hereis the lack of Night Mode, so low light shots are quite underwhelming. But, for video capture, it’s unsurprisinglygreat, as iPhones normally tend to be.

The new SE even supports extended dynamicrange recording. Just based on photo quality alone, the iPhoneSE probably isn’t the best option in this price range, but considering how good videoquality is, I think overall, it still punches above its price point. However, there is one thing that might bea deal breaker, and that’s battery life. This is not unexpected since the battery ispretty small.

With my type of usage, which is relativelylight, I could still get it to last till the end of the day. But with heavier usage like gaming, batterylife is not that great. On the bright side, it does have wirelesscharging which makes topping up the battery a little easier. Anyway, that’s pretty much it. The new iPhone SE is boring AF, and doesn’treally bring anything new to the market.

But it’s a great value proposition, especiallywhen you consider that it has performance that can rival flagship devices, and the yearsof software support that the phone will be getting from Apple. This is something that you can’t even getfrom high end Android devices. Which makes the iPhone SE a great option ifyou’re just looking for a reliable phone that you can use for years.

I’ll still recommend going for the iPhone11 if you have a bit more budget because of the bigger screen, bigger battery, and Nightmode. But, if you’re on a tighter budget, thenew iPhone SE is definitely worth your consideration. Thanks for watching this video. If you’ve enjoyed it, be sure to leave alike, for more content in the future. Thanks again, and see you guys on the nextone.

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