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Microsoft Wants to Buy Espionage App TikTok?

Microsoft Wants to Buy Espionage App TikTok?

regardless it’s worldwide in the openthat Tiktok is a Chinese espionage app undesired access to all data on yourphone people continue to install it and rateit high like a child at the McDonald’s gettinghis first happy meal same behavior well would you install aspy app on your phone? i don’t think so and this is a bit thesame with Microsoft,

Microsoft Windows most of the world have an operatingsystem installed that also have been called out on the internet for the samereason only the difference is people don’t needTiktok but do need an operating system preparing youfor a ritual of awakening this is lions groundhi

i’m heathcliff and welcome to lions ground yoursource for factual stories fact checking andeducation you know the ritual click the red subscribe button and the bell iconto receive notifications cnbc writes that Microsoft is in talks to buy Tiktok i quote after president trump announced

apotential ban on Tiktok last week Microsoft on Sundayconfirmed it is in talks to acquire the app end quoteso briefly said a somewhat less transparentespionage company whose founder has the hobby of sticking needlesin you that contains a cocktail with a bad side effectwants to buy a spy app cnbc is not entirely right and not entirely wrongMicrosoft’s website clearly states that it is in talks

about the purchase of Tiktok in the united states Canada Australia and New Zealand andwould result in Microsoft owning and operating Tiktok in the allegedcountries let me phrase it easier there will come an american version of Tiktok for u.s and its allies and this makes it possible for americaninvestors to buy shares oh yes it is claimed that the privacy ofthese countries is guaranteed of course

a taliban extremist says toyou hey i’m your friend you are safe i come in peace come to myhouse my wife make kebab yeah do you believe the Taliban man?no no furthermore after the purchase of Tiktok it is promised that all data of the Tiktok users from those countries willbe removed from their servers well they might clean the servers buttrust me one’s in the hands of spies always in the hands of the spies hint Backup?? Before we continue the poll result iasked last week is ufo sightings daily

or scotty waring a real researcher80 votes in total 79 think that Scott C Waring is nota real researcher Alien Bugs says quotes Scott? he’s not a hoaxer as sight thati’m aware of but he’s an absolute tool he probably thinks hisnuts are alien orbs end quote well alien bug he intentionally publishdisinformation yes disinformation which is bydefinition a hoaxer in my dictionary well about his ballsi have no idea how his balls looks like but i will ask him back to the storyTiktok will split into two apps let’s say

Microsoft Tiktok and BiteDance Tiktok right which separate servers separate code baseand separate users and that could be the downfall of the popular stupid socialplatform at tiktok is windows 10 spying on you no accordingto microsoft they are very very transparent in their statement that theydon’t sell data no that’s not the question are theyspying on you microsoft isn’t hiding the fact that it’s collecting data on you but they refuse to tell you exactly what and especially how muchthey collect while

Tiktok is very clear about thisas soon you use the app for the very first time hey but hey who reads theterms and conditions do you? with Microsoft windows you canturn off settings to ensure your privacy but you cannot fullyprotect yourself without wasting hours of your life watching youtube tutorialvideos on how to stop Microsoft skilled espionage

functionsrunning right now in the background it’s nowtime to vote will Tiktok become a safer place after Microsoft purchasefollow the pinned link in the comment section or video description that willtake you to the community section of this youtube channeland cast your vote make chance your comment will be featured by commentingbelow the voting poll

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