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MIUI 12 For Oneplus 6 & Oneplus 6T – New Features & How To flash ?

MIUI 12 For Oneplus 6 & Oneplus 6T – New Features & How To flash ?

Hey what’s up everyone , so miui 12 on oneplus6 and 6t , yeah well in case you are bored with oxygen os on your device feel free totry this , by the way in case you forgot my name thisis your host manik and i am back with the review of another custom rom for oneplus 6and 6t and this time it’s miui 12 that too at a time when not even all xiaomi deviceshave got this update , well i have been testing it out thoroughly since the past couple ofdays or so as i wanted to be sure if it is stable enough to be used as a daily driver.

So in this video let’s have an in depthlook at miui 12 on oneplus 6 and 6t and yes the instructions to flash this rom is at theend so lets get started and one more thing dont forget to click on that subscribe buttonand press that bell icon too if you want to stay notified about the latest videos. Yeah well some of you would argue and saythat why do we need miui on a device that was practically bloatware free.

well theanswer is simple..a refreshing experience be it for a couple of days , because thatis the only motive to flash a custom rom. Anyways the ui here is quite smooth and stableand you can apply those live wallpapers from miui 12 and custom icon packs as well .You do get this new control center which is a straight ripoff of ios but it looks goodand is really built with usability in mind and same for these volume controls too.

Andyo can change this -1 screen to google feed so relax. You have a ton of customisation with thisone and there are no ads too ,just make sure to avoid using security app,Now in settings let’s move on to always on display.

my all time favourite , wellyou must have seen this in other roms and almost every rom has it now but literallynone of them provides a ton of themes in built like this one has and they all look greatif you dont like all these you can download more or even create one ,everything can becustomised and you control it . Plus it also has the horizon light featurethat too with some other animations and add ons, one more thing i really like is thischarging animation and there are 3 options to choose from one thing to keep in mind isthat the notification led does not work right now with this port. In display settings you will get options tocustomise the display colors,saturation as well as the option to turn on dc dimming,and you can control dark mode too because in miui 12 it is forced to every app so youcan disable it for those apps that look weird.

Apart from that you can turn that controlcenter off and switch over to miui 11 type miui of notification panel and those notchsettings work just fine and even better than oxygen os 10 because it does not bring thewhole status bar down and gives you the option to do that if you wish to. By the way miui 12 also has this type of floatingwindows for notifications and general multitasking and you can edit this to add your favouriteapps too, so you can make an app float over the top of any other and use 2 apps side byside which is great for multitasking. In security settings the fingerprint scanneroption is there and it works but only for oneplus 6 and not on oneplus 6t and that faceunlock too does not work as of now.

The fingerprint scanner is fast and even more responsive thanit was in oxygen os 10 ,seriously i dont know how but it is. And If you were concerned about your dataand privacy well miui has some good options like it manages a history of apps that accessedyour camera ,mic or location and it denies them whenever it is asked for in the background. So you can see all of that here. The battery stats page has also been redesignedin miui 12 and it looks great and clear and the graph here is quite intuitive and thedata can be broken down and seen clearly so that’s great. And you do get features like second spaceand dual apps with this one so you can use multiple account for whatsapp instagram etcas you do currently with oxygen os.

There is also a screen time feature that isalternative to digital wellbeing that we have with stock android and keeps a check of thetime you are spending on each app and can be used to control smartphone addiction withthe help of that focus mode which is a copy of zen mode in oxygen os . So it has everythingcloned off from every android skin but these are all good features.

Apart from this there are some other neatfeatures like in built backup and restore app a cool looking storage space and the wayit categorises all the space consumed it just looks cool,Plus there is also a cool looking dynamic weather app, a new wifi details page and thisbed time mode in clock. And there are other tiny features too andmost of them work just fine ,one thing to keep in mind is that there is no camera appinbuilt so make sure to install a gcam mod from here.

Now moving on to the final aspect batterylife and gaming performance on this one , so i did test quite a bit of games on it andi did play some pubg sessions too and i faced no issues whatsoever the heat up was a biton the higher side and the battery life isnt the best out there but manageable if you dontuse your device extensively and i did manage close to 5 hours of screen on time with mediumusage. So overall you will feel good after tryingthis one as it is quite functional and refreshing at the same time if stock android is not yourcup of tea and huge thanks to developers for this one and you can support them using linkin description area.

And that was it for features , now let’ssee how to flash this one. So first of all make sure the bootloader ofyour device is unlocked ,after that just download the zip file from link in description areaand make sure you are on oxygen os 10 now unzip the downloaded file and connectyour phone in fastboot mode to your pc and you can do that by long pressing on powerand volume key at the same time so after connecting it to pc open the folderyou extracted and double click on the file ending with flash all_wipe.

bat and wait fornext 5-7 minutes till your device restarts and ignore any error you see on your screenits nothing. And if your device does not boot up afterlike 10-15 minutes go to recovery mode and format the data So now you are done and have rebooted to thelatest miui 12 port for oneplus 6 and 6t , so let me know your experience in comments downbelow and do like this video if it helps you and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’talready and i will see you in the next one.

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