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MIUI 12 Update – How To Install Manually On Any Device

MIUI 12 Update | How To Install Manually On Any Device | MIUI 12 Features | MIUI 12 OTA Updates

Lately a lot of people are asking about MIUI 12 When will we receive this update, how to install this without root etc. In this video I’ll explain about which phones have this update and How can you install this update manually on your phone. Currently only a few device got this update in India like the Redmi K20 & K20 pro And according to this list, the updates are coming sooner for other devices.

In today’s video I’ll show how to install this update on a K20 pro device and as soon as the update is released for other devices, you shall be able to manually update in just the same way as mentioned here. If you get the notification to update your MIUI 11 to MIUI 12 and you ignore it to install later, then it won’t show later on your system updater and seems like this is a glitch.

Now I’ll tell you how to download the update the link will be given in the description below Download the file from the given link and after your download completes, go to settings and then about phone Then you head for this screen. In this screen tap on the 3 dot menu and check if “Choose update package” is showing for you or not if it’s not showing for you then tap on this MIUI icon 8 times upon doing so, the additional updates feature will be turned on Now you’re ready to install your update.

simply click on the 3 dot menu and select update package now simply head to the file location that you just downloaded and select the file and press ok here And then you’ll be able to see that your system is ready to be updated and you’ll have to click here to reboot your device The reboot takes around 5-10 minutes and after that you’ll have your device updated. Now let’s talk about the updated features that very few are talking about.

The first feature that i found quiet interesting was the SUNLIGHT MODE I got to know about this mode when i was using the phone under direct sunlight and got a notification that suggested me to turn on this mode. This usually only works when the brightness levels are not set to automatic The second interesting feature is the DIGITAL WELLBEING. This gives you an analytical view of your phone’s usage. Any apps that you’ve been using or you wanna know how many times you’ve unlocked your phone or the number of notifications that you’ve received so far can be checked here.

Other than that we get to see the bedtime mode as well. This can turn on DND and grayscale mode on your phone which means the entire screen shall turn black & white. This is useful to use the phone at night. Another useful feature the wellbeing app provides is the focus mode. Focus mode helps you get rid of distractions from your phone by pausing the specified apps. So whenever you wanna focus on something use this mode and utilise your productivity.

Third feature that I wanna talk about is the VIDEO TOOLBOX. Using this feature you can play any application in the background For Example to play a youtube video in the background you need premium subscription. But using this tool you can do just that very easily. For demonstration purposes I’ll show you the MX Player. If I lock the screen directly then the App closes. But if i do the same using the video tool box, as you can hear, the video is still playing in the background. This feature is impressive.

The fourth feature is the FLOATING WINDOW This feature is great for multitasking and gives a new definition to the Picture in picture mode. With this you can open a mini version of any app from your notification that can be moved and pinned for instant access while you multi task. Mutlitasking has become so easy because of this. The fifth option that impressed me is the ULTRA BATTERY SAVER. Though this option was already available on the global variant of MIUI 11 and now this has been integrated into MIUI 12 And it’s really awesome.

When activated, this closes every unimportant background resources and provides a minimal interface to save power on your battery. Its quiet useful guys, do give it a try. The last change that I’m happy about is the call notification on the status bar. Previously If you were to make a call, the entire status bar was covered by the call noticfication on MIUI 11. But this has changed since the update. Now there’s a small icon here.

Though this isn’t much of a big deal but I really liked this one. If you face any lag on the launcher after the update then i suggest that you use Nova Launcher which is very customizable. It’s available on the Playstore & I shall provide a download link as well in the description. So that was it for today guys, I’ll provide a download link for the updates and as soon as the new batches are released for different phones I’ll keep adding them here, so don’t forget to subscribe if looking forward to this.

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