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No more secrets for iPhone 12! Small notch

No more secrets for iPhone 12! Small notch, 120Hz refresh rate, rear quad camera, 5nm A14 chip

Today we will take a closer look at the current All the leaks about the iPhone 12 series, iPhone 12 series new product launch conference is expected to be Online release in September (tentative) About its price, features and new design Most information has now been determined First of all, the four products on the model are iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max A total of 4 product models,

3 different screen sizes 2 kinds of fuselage frame materials: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max have 5.4 and 6.1 inch screens Use aluminum frame iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max screen size 6.1 and 6.7 inches respectively, using stainless steel frame And the new iPhone model has also been removed Round border styles that have appeared since iPhone 6 The new frame design will return to the square corner frame designed earlier such as iPhone 4 On the back of the fuselage,

they all have a larger square rear camera module The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max also have a LIDAR sensor It looks more like there are four rear cameras, the first two products may be rear dual cameras In the thickness of the fuselage, it is also thinner than the previous generation According to insiders in the supply chain The upcoming iPhone 12 series will have a thinner body The rumored 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max is only 7.4mm thick The thickness of the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro Max is 8.1mm Compared with this, it is reduced by 0.7mm.

The colors available for iPhone 12 and 12 Max are: White, black, green, yellow, purple, red and orange (new) The colors available for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are: Space gray, dark night green, gold, silver and dark blue (new) We have learned about the full range of iPhone 12 Will contain from 5.4 inches (minimum) to (maximum) 6.7 inches A total of 3 screen sizes in 4 models But all models will use OLED screen panels In this case, iPhone 12 and 12 Max will be equipped with a 60Hz screen refresh rate iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a 120Hz screen refresh rate By default,

due to increased screen refresh rate Battery life will decrease So Apple also uses an adaptive refresh rate To balance its energy consumption Of course you can also in the “Settings” menu Change the refresh rate parameter In addition to screen refresh rate The upcoming iPhone 12 series will also get Improved facial recognition sensor Enable users to unlock the phone from a wider perspective.

In addition, the notch gap of the iPhone 12 series may also be smaller At the same time, the bangs will not become smaller The number of sensors required to make Face ID work is reduced. In addition, we can also learn from the leaked images Achieve small bangs gap, which seems to make a large part of the components The device including the handset/speaker moves up to the edge of the mobile phone’s bangs And squeeze other required sensors together to achieve The chip used in iPhone products has always been The most powerful in peer performance Last year,

the iPhone 11 processor used A13 bionic chip Already one of the fastest processors today In fact, the performance of the processor on the iOS system is more obvious Therefore, once the new A14 chip is born, no one can match it. By then iPhone 12 full series The model will use the 5nm A14 chip produced by TSMC A14 chip will be based on ARM mobile processor Although it is unclear But the processor is said to provide a clock speed of up to 3.1GHz Compared with last year,

Apple’s processor has increased by 400MHz And is developing a silicon processor called ARM It will also be used in its future new MacBook notebooks. Such new iPhone models may be A batch of A14 chips with super performance. Memory aspect-according to the current leak: considered iPhone 12 Pro series models will have 6GB RAM The iPhone 12 and 12 Max will have 4GB RAM Body storage specifications This year the entire iPhone 12 series will also start with 128GB It is expected to support storage specifications up to 1TB Regarding 5G, 2020 will be the first year Apple introduces 5G support in the iPhone Enable new devices to connect to networks much faster than 4G According to rumors,

the iPhone 12 series All iPhones will have 5G connectivity Its A14 chip realizes 5G function support by combining with Qualcomm X60 baseband This year Apple will be the iPhone 12 series Provide high-quality camera modules Although the delivery time has been delayed compared to previous years Lead to a later launch, but they do have better photographic performance According to Guo Mingchi’s earlier prediction: The iPhone 12 series will be in the rear camera Make some improvements Including being able to capture more light and having a more powerful sensor In fact not all versions of iPhone 12 Both offer the same rear camera The cheapest model will be equipped with two cameras The iPhone 12 Pro series will be equipped with three lenses Just like the iPhone 11 Pro.

The main thing is The new Pro series will also be equipped with a fourth LiDAR sensor AR lens similar to 2020 iPad Pro It is not clear what the camera resolution of the iPhone 12 series models is But we know that Apple prefers to study resolution Instead of always increasing the resolution Therefore, when other competitors are using 48MP, 64MP, 108MP pixels Apple also uses 12MP pixel resolution in the iPhone 11 series Here, we can also understand The imaging output of a good camera is not only related to the image value In iPhone 12,

there may not be too high resolution But we will see more advanced software algorithm support 3 rear cameras for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max It is said to be produced by LG and will be used for different purposes Even if they have the same resolution And the lens layout is still the main lens Ultra wide-angle lens and telephoto lens But in iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max We will see the possibility of more powerful functions and software support Such as smart HDR and more advanced night modes Lidar sensor-expected to appear in iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max This is a new experiment in the smartphone industry This kind of sensor,

Apple used in iPad Pro 2020 It allows us to scan objects from a 3D perspective with infrared Although most users don’t need this feature in daily life But using an augmented reality AR application developed by lidar It can perform distance and depth work with high precision As for the video field, according to the new source code inside iOS 14 Beta 1. iPhone 12 series can choose to record 4K slow motion video up to 240FPS Record 4K video with regular 120FPS As for the iPhone 11 series, it can only reach 60FPS and Slow motion 240FPS resolution to record 4K video This year’s 4 iPhone 12 models use 3 new batteries The models are A2471, A2431 and A2466. Visible from the leaked image They are 2227mAh, 2775 mAh and 3687mAh batteries respectively. The lowest mAh and highest mAh are iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max The 2775mAh battery in the middle is iphone 12 Max Use a battery with the iPhone 12 Pro.

Although from the above point of view, the iPhone 11 series The battery capacity is reduced But what is certain is This year’s new product uses a multi-layer stacked motherboard And the 5nm process A14 processor, while reducing the thickness of the body Battery life can also be guaranteed In addition to the above new battery models Apple also equipped this year’s iPhone models with two new chargers One is a standard 5W charger with model A1443 The other is a new 20W charger with model A2244 Now that it is equipped with a 20W charger This also proves that the new iPhone 12 series It’s the one that supports fast charging with the highest power so far. You know,

the fastest charging speed supported by iPhone models in previous years was 18W Now analysts and leakers say The iPhone 12 series will not come with a charger and wired headset This way Apple can make the iPhone’s packaging smaller At the same time, less e-waste is generated than usual Of course, the phone has included a charger since it was released Because new users need to charge it This leads to the reason why it is inevitable to include these And now, a new leak shows Although there will be no charger, this generation of charging cable will also provide And also improved Now leaked from the news expert iPhone 12 will come with a braided Lightning to USB-C charging cable This change has been improved twice First of all,

1. From the Lightning that came with the previous iPhone 11 model to The USB-A charging cable is changed to the one included with the iPhone 12 model Lightning to USB-C charging cable Secondly, 2. The new braided cord will be more durable than the current charging cord Although it will eventually wear out, the quality of the latter will be better In addition, the charging cable is made of gray and white braid It is not yet known whether all iPhones released in 2020 will get new braided charging cables Still, just like 2019, the Lightning to USB-C charging cable is limited to More expensive high-end Pro series Okay, that’s it for today’s content, welcome to follow, like and interact with messages See you next time

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