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Oneplus 7 Open Beta 17 (Port) For Oneplus 6 & 6t – What’s New ?

Oneplus 7 Open Beta 17 (Port) For Oneplus 6 & 6t – What’s New ?

Hey what’s up guys this is your host manikand today we have the new open beta 17 port from oneplus 7 series for oneplus 6 and 6tofcourse and if you felt that we have less number of features in stock version well becauseits true we dont have anything new this one surely does so let’s checkout all the newfeatures this one brings to the older yet capable oneplus 6 series.

In case you wish to see all the new feature’sin these open beta i will leave a card on top. So before we start make sure you click onthat subscribe button and press the bell icon next to it so that you can be the first oneto know when a new video arrives. Well the instructions to flash this one arethe end of this video and some you were facing problems with the last beta specially oneplus6t users never mind i have mentioned a fix for that as well.

Oneplus 7 Open Beta 17 (Port) For Oneplus 6 & 6t - What's New ?

So lets get to the changelog first and obviouslyits similar to the oneplus 7 series of devices first of all we now have the oneplus budssupport as usual for all oneplus devices now because without this official oneplus podsapp you wont be able to remap controls and update your oneplus buds to the latest versionso in case you have purchased one go for this update as you will find a bunch of featuresnecessary for your new pair.

After that we have some of the optimisationsdone in messages app in the last update we saw ai messages being added and that now extendseven further as the app categorises messages from a similar contacts into cards to makeit more useful. Apart from this we have the august 2020 securitypatch which is the latest and its always good to have that included with the update.

Other than this some issues with downloadsover wifi have been fixed along with some optimisations to long screenshot option. Also some issues with documents in file managerhave also been taken care of with this open beta.We also had some issues with lockboxin past and they have also been fixed as usual.

So a couple of bug fixes and nothing thatmuch apart from this has been added to this version, it still has all the features likevarious clock styles that horizon light and more and most of the things work just finewithout any hiccups or anything though i will post an update regarding the battery backupin comments section so stay tuned.

Now let’s see how you can flash this one. So the process is really simple you just followmy lead and you will be done in no time. And in case after doing all this your deviceboots up back to recovery just flash the latest twrp from link in description area and youwill be good to go. So this was it the new open beta 17 port fromoneplus 7 series for onplus 6 and 6t and huge thanks to the developers for this one too.

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