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OnePlus can revive the OnePlus X line with cheaper smartphones

OnePlus can revive the OnePlus X line with cheaper smartphones

Another indication that OnePlus is eyeing the intermediary segment has just emerged. After leaks point to the existence of OnePlus 8 Lite, the head of the XDA Developers website, Max Weinbach, said the manufacturer could launch a new series focused on cost-effective smartphones.

Through a publication on Twitter, Weinbach said he obtained information indicating that the Chinese company is “renovating” the former intermediary OnePlus X in a new series of mobile phones. That is, if the speculations are correct, perhaps the company will invest heavily in a new segment of smartphones, instead of just launching a cheaper variant of OnePlus 8.

A leak that occurred at the beginning of the year points out that the company should launch its new line of smartphones this year not only with the models OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, but with a cheaper variant. The supposed OnePlus 8 Lite would be the first intermediary of the manufacturer in five years, bringing a suggested price of US $ 499, about R $ 2,551 in direct conversion.

OnePlus X failure
The company’s last major investment in the intermediary segment occurred in 2015, when the firm was just starting out on the market, with the OnePlus X smartphone. Taking into account the good reception of the other devices of the brand, the cell phone focused on cost-benefit was considered a failure by the manufacturer’s own CEO, Pete Lau.

Bringing a top-of-the-line smartphone look, the OnePlus X was launched to compete in the disputed premium intermediary cell segment. According to the company commander, the device did not do well because, at the time, the brand was still growing and was known in the market as the manufacturer that made high-performance devices at an attractive price.

Currently, OnePlus is already consolidated in the smartphone sector and even operates in other segments, such as the Smart TVs market. With that in mind, maybe the launch of an intermediary cell phone during the company’s expansion phase will end up paying off.

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