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OnePlus Nord Gcam vs Stock Camera Comparison (Google Camera)

OnePlus Nord Gcam vs Stock Camera Comparison (Google Camera)

Hey guys, its Sagar from Tecworkz. The comments for my OnePlus Nord’s camerareview, are filled with the requests to compare it’s stock camera with Gcam, so that’swhat this video is all about. For some reason, people have been saying thatthe cameras on the OnePlus Nord are not up to the mark, and they want to know if theGcam can save it.

I don’t know why people are saying thatto begin with, because if you saw my camera review of the Nord, you know that it can takevery good images for the price which it comes in. Now if you haven’t watch the OnePlus Nord’scamera review yet, I suggest you watch that video first and then continue watching thisone. Since that will give you an idea of how goodthe images from stock camera of this phone are.

But if you still think the camera on the Nordis not on point, let us see if installing Google camera makes it any better. So this is Gcam for the OnePlus Nord, andlet us start by comparing the daytime shots from the stock camera with the Google camera. For most of the daytime shots, you won’tsee any major difference in terms of details. Both are capturing a lot of details, thanksto a very capable sensor on the main camera.

The small difference that you might noticeis in the white balance. Stock camera leans towards capturing coolercolour tones, while the Gcam will give a bit warmer tones to its images. Stock camera on the OnePlus Nord also tendsto overexpose the image, which sometimes results in a bit more noise in the shadows, whilethe Google camera app managed to capture more pleasing images overall.

For the colours, I feel the Nord capturesa bit saturated and vibrant colours by itself, but the ones from the Gcam look more naturaland not as saturated. Since the colours are less saturated fromthe Gcam, we can also see more details in them as we zoom in. I also feel the Greens look more natural fromthe google camera app. But colour is a personal choice, so whichone of these will you like, will depend on your preference. Some of the shots from the stock camera appalso show a lot of contrast, which takes away some of the details from the shadows, as youcan see in this parts of the image.

Google camera actually does well and capturesdetails in those parts as well. Now the Nord gets a wide lens, but right now,this Gcam mod doesn’t let us switch between lenses. If we try to switch , it will just crash theapp. So if you want to take wide or even macroshots, you will have to do it with the stock camera app itself. Maybe in a few days or weeks we will see amore stable version which will let us use these cameras as well. As and when that happens, I will leave a linkto that mod in the description section.

You can however take 2x digitally zoomed imageswith the google camera app. And as you can see, digitally zoomed imagesfrom the Gcam are showing sharper images with much more details compared to the ones fromthe stock camera. Coming to the dynamic range. This is an area where I did not think theNord needed any help, but the HDR shots from the google camera app are so much better. If you have the HDR+ enhanced option on inthe Gcam app, googles hdr processing makes the images look even better.

It manages to preserve so much more detailsin the highlights, and at the same time brings up the shadows in a natural way. Occasionally the stock camera would take betterHDR shot than the Gcam, but for most of my HDR shots, I would go with the Gcam. Coming to close up shots, while the ones fromGcam look good, the subject closest to the camera or the one that you tap on is sharperin the shot from the stock camera app.

Stock camera is also faster at setting thefocus than the Gcam for some reason. Colours are again better from the Gcam. It also gets the focus tracking option, buteven after that all the the close up shots are sharper from the stock camera app. Now for portrait shots, the stock camera appis very good at detecting edges, and separating the subject from the background. And the overall portrait shots look good whenthe lighting conditions are balanced. But when there are shadows on your subject,the portraits turned out very processed and weird. Portrats from the Gcam do so much better inthese situations.

It manages to detect the edged just as wellas the stock camera app, but it does not mess up the shadows on the face. Even if the overall portraits are a bit darkerfrom the Gcam, I prefer them over the ones from the Stock camera. The Gcam is not being able to take portraitof objects for some reason. So if you like taking portraits of thingsand objects, you will have to use the Stock camera app for those shots.

Now coming to lower and artificial lightingconditions. Normally, there is where we see the biggestdifference between the stock and the google camera app. In the evening light, we can barely see anydifference between these images. But as the light goes down we see images fromthe Gcam showing more details in the shadows. This image is brighter from the stock camera,but look at the shadows, one from the Gcam is showing so much more information and detailsthere. In some of the late evening shots, both makethe images look as if they were captured on different days or at different times in theday, and both are not showing the actual colour of the scene.

But look at the image from the Gcam, it isshowing so much more details in the shadows, and due to this reason, I am sure most peoplewill like its image better. Now as we get to even lower light, imageswithout the nightlight mode are pretty much useless from both. And with the nightlight mode turned on, Gcamis doing a better job. It also keeps the noise levels to a minimum,handles the exposure better, captures more natural colours and better while balance. But in certain cases, the Stock camera pullsout a better looking image than the Gcam’s night mode. 8 out of 10 times, you will prefer the imagefrom the Gcam with the night mode turned on, as its images have an overall richer feelto them.

Coming to the front facing camera. As I said in the dedicated camera review,selfies don’t seem to be taken with a 32 megapixel camera, well that is because thestock camera app tends to overexpose these selfies and capture very little contrast. Selfies from the Gcam brings back the contrast,and doesn’t overexpose the image, making it look much more detailed and sharper. Skin tones also look more natural in the selfiesfrom the Gcam. Portrait selfies also look so much betterfrom the Gcam.

Stock camera shows a bit better edge detection,specially around my glasses, but thanks to the detail level and colours, I would muchrather take my selfies with the Gcam app, than the stock app. It’s a well known fact that Gcam is betterat taking selfies on any smartphone. SO if you have it installed on your phone,use it for taking your selfies. For the videos, as of now, it is best to stickwith the stock camera app on the OnePlus Nord.

The Gcam videos are not stabilised, and ifyou turn on the video stabilisation or the optical image stabilisation option from thesettings of this Gcam mod, it just won’t capture the video. I have left a link to some of the workingGcam mods in the description. And also for the one that I have used in thisvideo, Try a few of them and see which one works the best for you. So although he cameras on the OnePlus Nordare doing a good job by themselves, you can definitely improve the performance by installingGoogle Camera mod on it.

In most of the cases, your images will benefitfrom the google camera app. In cases when you need to use other featureslike the wide lenses at the back or front, the macro camera, or for taking videos, youshould still stick to the stock camera app. If you were paying attention, In the Nord’sdetailed camera review, I said that I think it performs better than the 7T, but not asgood as the 8. But with the Google camera installed, youcan make the Nord’s camera performance reach almost at the level of the OnePlus 8.

I will definitely make sure to include theGcam samples, when I compare the cameras on the OnePlus Nord with the ones on the OnePlus8. So there you have it guys. I have a lot more videos about the OnePlusNord coming up on the channel, so make sure you have the notifications turned on. And if you want to purchase this phone, Iwill really appreciate if you get from the affiliate links in the description section.

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