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OnePlus Nord Unboxing and First Impressions

OnePlus Nord Unboxing and First Impressions

“Music” Hey Guys it’s Sagar, and today we are goingto unbox and take our first look at the OnePlus Nord. This is not a review unit, I have purchasedit myself, so this is the actual retail box of the phone. Now Amazon was going to take too long to delivermy phone, so I went to the OnePlus experience store in Pune and got it from there. It was nice to run into Harsh from Technolobeat the OnePlus store.

Normally I unbox these phones in the studio,but the guys at OnePlus store wanted everyone to unbox and activate their phone before leavingthe store. This is to discourage people from sellingsealed phones in the great market. I had my camera with me, so I shot the unboxingfor Harsh, and then he did the same for me. If you want o watch his coverage of this phone,I will leave a link to his channel in the description section.

Alright so lets get into the phone. I like how the box looks and feels. It’s matte black, with a lot of Nord brandingon the top, and the blue accent around the middle of the box gives it a different look. I went with the Grey Onyx colour, and thisis the 8GB RAM variant with 128GB of storage. I got this one for Rs.27,999. The 12GB RAM and 256GB storage variant comesat Rs.29,999.

And the most affordable one with 6GB RAM and64GB Storage will be prices at Rs.24,999 and it is supposed to go on sale sometime in September. They can delay that one as much as they want,and I have a feeling they will. That one is just included, so OnePlus canbrag about launching the Nord in under 25,000Rs. Before we get to the unboxing, If you arenew to this channel, make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon next toit. That way, Youtube will make sure, you arenotified when a new video goes live on our channel.

Now let me tear off this plastic, and letsget inside the box. The phone is sitting at the top to greet us. Let me remove the protective plastic and thissticker from the back. I really like how this colour looks. It is definitely more classy than the Bluecolour. Let me boot it up and keep it aside whilewe take a look at other things in the box. Below the phone we have this black envolope,it contains a welcome letter, a transparent flexible TPU case, and another black envelopewhich contains OnePlus Nord stickers, a quickstart guide, safety information, red cable clubmembership card, all the SAR values, and the SIM tray ejection pin.

After that there is this red USB type C totype A cable for charging and data transfer. And finally there is the 30T warp charger. Alright now let me keep all these things aside,and get back to the phone. Look at how amazing this phone looks. It feels very premium as well. Now the frame is made of plastic, but it ismade to look like metal. Front and back of the phone is protected byGorilla Glass 5. This is not exactly a small phone, but itfits well in my hands. The glass back is going to be a fingerprintmagnet, so to protect it from that and scratches, I am going to use it with the case that cameon, most of the time.

At the front, we get a 6.44inch AMOLED displaywith a resolution of 2400×1080 pixels and 90Hz refresh rate and a touch response rateof 180Hz. The best thing about this screen is, it isnot curved at the edges. Don’t get me wrong, curved edges look cooland futuristic, but after using them for quite some time, I would much rather use a phonwith a flat display. It’s just my personal preference.

There is a screen protector preinstalled,but it is not of a very good quality. There are dual cameras in this pill shapedcamera module. Main one gets a 32 megapixel sensor and the2nd one gets a 8 megapixel sensor with an ultra wide lens. It also gets an in display fingerprint sensor,like the other OnePlus flagships. Taking a look around the device, At the bottom,there is a dual SIM try, microphone, USB type C cable but this is USB 2.0. and lastly thereis a mono speaker at the right. There is a power / sleep wake button on theright.

Above that there is the signature OnePlusAlert slider. At the top, there’s just secondary noisecancelling microphone, and Volume rocker on the left side. Coming to the back, there is a slight curveto the edges, which mess it easier for us to grip the phone. There is OnePlus branding at the bottom, theLogo in the upper middle part, and a familiar looking quad camera module. I said familiar because we have seen thisdesign on Realme, and some of the recent Oppo smartphones. The main camera gets the 48 megapixel SonyIMX 586 sensor with F/1.75 aperture.

Now OnePlus said that this sensor was borrowedfrom the OnePlus 8, but what they didn’t tell you, is that the 8 borrowed it from the7T, which borrowed it from the OnePlus 7 to begin with. So while this is a flagship level camera,it is also more than a year old. Next camera gets a 8 megapixel sensor withF/2.25 aperture and an ultra wide lens. Then there is a 5 megapixel depth sensor withF/2.4 aperture, and a measly 2 megapixel macro sensor with F/2.4 aperture. While these might sound like the same camerason the OnePlus 8, we will have to see how the new processor and its ISP handle theseimages.

Speaking of the processor, Nord comes withSnapdragon 765G processor and it is coupled with Adreno 620GPU. This is a midrange processor, but it has supportfor 5G connectivity. You can choose between 6/8 and 12GB of LPDDR4XRAM, and 64/128 or 256GB of UFS2.1 storage. There is a 4115mAh battery inside, and thanksto the 30T charger, it can be juiced up pretty fast. So it seems that OnePlus has settled on theProcessor, RAM and Storage front.

We know that the Processor is not top of theline, but the RAM and Storage are also not as fast as the one that OnePlus has been usingon their recent phones. Now what the Nord does share with its biggerbrothers, if the Operating System. It is running on the latest version of OxygenOS running on top of Android 10. Granted that Oxygen OS hasn’t been the moststable in recent times, it is still is one of the best skins for android smartphones. It is filled with features, but still is closeto stock android.

Now since I was made to unbox the phone inthe store itself, I took the opportunity to take a few image and video samples on my wayback from the store. This means the camera review of this OnePlusNord will be coming up very soon. Since I have spent less than a day with thisphone, I can’t say anything about its performance or battery life, but I will make a followup video very soon so I can address a bit more about this. What I can tell you now, is that this phonelooks and feels very premium.

Although it is thicker and heavier than theOnePlus 8, It fits really well in my hands. And thanks to the 30 watt charger, it chargesup pretty quickly. At a starting price of Rs.24,999 OnePlus Nordis one of the best smartphone out there? But you should also keep an eye on otherslike the Realme X3 or X3 SuperZoom, Last years Redmi K20 Pro or even the OnePlus 7T. If you are looking to get a new phone andhave a budget of close to Rs.30,000, which one of these would you pick? Let me know in the comments.

If you pick the OnePlus Nord and want to purchaseit, I will really appreciate if you get it from the affiliate links in the descriptionsection. Until I use this phone for some more time,that is it for this video guys. Please hit the like button if you enjoyedthe video, and subscribe tot he channel for more quality tech videos like this. You can also check out some of the other videosfrom this channel, this has been Sagar and I will catch you guys in the next video. Take Care.

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