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Oneplus Nord Vs Oneplus 6 : Is Nord Really An Upgrade ?

Oneplus Nord Vs Oneplus 6 : Is Nord Really An Upgrade ?

Oneplus nord- the all new extremely hypedmid ranger or oneplus 6 a 2 year old flagship, first of all why this comparison well majorlybecause of similar price point and advancements in technology What’s up everyone welcome to another video,So i got my oneplus 6 for around 28000 in 2018 and similar is the price for this oneplusnord now in 2020, the major difference I got a flagship back then at the same price butwhere oneplus nord has its edge, it’s in the things like snapdragon 765g which is a7nm processor on the other hand snapdragon 845 is a 10nm processor so on paper oneplusnord should have better battery life and thermals.

Let’s compare them point wise:1st would be the display: so the one plus 6 has a 6.2 inch amoled displaywith standard 60 hz refresh rate whereas we have a 6.4 inch 90hz display on oneplus nordwith these punchhole type camera’s that looks modern as compared to the notch on oneplus6 and it has thinner bezels than oneplus 6. Initially there were some complaints withthe display on oneplus nord and those units had a major tint on grey background at minimumbrightness and its still there on my unit but not that significant and you wont evenobserve it at all unless you use your device in dark and with specific grey backgroundbut overall the quality of this display is good , its crisp and has good viewing angles.Plus it also has hdr 10 certification so that’s great and i have no complaints with it sofar except that tint issue So in this department oneplus nord is theclear winner.

Oneplus Nord Vs Oneplus 6 : Is Nord Really An Upgrade ?

Coming to the overall build quality well oneplusnord feels good in hand the weight balance is done perfectly and the phone doesnt feelcheap at all and similar is the case with oneplus 6 it has solid build quality and looksnew even after 2 years of abuse, but in this area oneplus 6 has a slight advantage in termsof durability because of the metallic frame as it can simply handle more abuse and accidentaldrops.

So here the point goes to oneplus 6. Talking about the fingerprint scanner, wellthe scanner on oneplus 6 is a physical type and is a bit faster than what we have withoneplus nord is no slouch either it is quite fast and accurate and feels more modern. Plusyou can use it while your phone is lying on a desk without picking it up.So because of ergonomics the point goes to oneplus nord.Oh and before proceeding further do consider pressing that subscribe button if you wishto see more video’s like this one.

Now coming to charging speed and tech wellwithout even discussing about timing oneplus nord wins hands down as it has 30watt warpcharge as compared to 20 watts on oneplus 6 and a bigger battery at 4100mah a s comparedto 3300mah on oneplus 6 so the oneplus nord charges faster and lasts more than oneplus6 , actually I expected around 7-8 hrs and it delivers around that only but 90hz displayeats up more battery than 60hz one so you might end up switching to 60hz .

Anyways for this round too the oneplus nord emerged out to be a winner. Coming to the performance and gaming aspect,well the snapdragon 845 processor on oneplus 6 even after 2 years is faster and betterthan today’s 765g , yes 765g has less heat up while gaming and day to day tasks but theoneplus 6 is still faster , be it in benchmarks or gaming for instance in geekbench oneplus6 scored 519 points as compared to 617 on oneplus nord but in muti core round oneplus6 scored around 2300 and the score of oneplus nord was around 1950 so yes in terms of performanceoneplus 6 is better on paper.

But in real life too you can feel the difference,a flagship processor is still more snappier and responsive and this is clearly seen whilegaming and for pubg fans out there well the oneplus nord just doesn’t support smooth extremesettings and the processor is quite capable of handling that.So the gameplay is a bit choppier on oneplus nord with default maximum settings and youwill feel some frame drops for sure though that is easily resolved with gfx tool butwe just cannot rely on a third party tool for it.

And we have no such issues with oneplus 6 , intensive games like pubg run on smoothextreme and just feels a lot better than nord with any game you throw at it.You can try it with any modern game like call of duty and you will end up with similar resultthough the heat up might be there on oneplus 6 but its not that much.So yeah oneplus 6 is definitely the performance champion.

Coming to the big highlight of oneplus nord, those camera’s well i was not so sure that it might have way better camera thanoneplus 6 , so the oneplus 6 has a 16 mp sony imx 519 sensor and a 20mp lens which doesnothing much, on the other hand this oneplus nord has a 48mp sony imx 586 sensor and itdoes a good job than the one found on oneplus 6, The difference is quite significant in mostimages especially in low light scenarios the camera show up brighter colors because ofhdr+ and it reflects well in the overall output.

Here have a look at some of the samples zoomingin and you can see the amount of details on leaf in some cases images from both were comparablein day light . But most of the time oneplus nord did betterthan oneplus 6 ,and it also has 3 extra camera’s out of which only the second one is usablewith its 8mp resolution and this ultra wide angle camera is surely a good thing to havei like that i always get a choice to pick for a shot so that is appreciated.And the portrait mode is better on oneplus nord , the edge detection and overall imagesare better.

But dont care much about the last 2 camera’sthey are bad to average rarely. Look at these images and you will know why. And These are some samples taken in low lightand just look at the image from oneplus nord is brighter sharper and overall better thanoneplus 6. So Yeah i can safely say that the camera isan upgrade over what we had with oneplus 6, so oneplus nord is the clear winner of thetwo in case of back camera for front facing camera the images look a bit over exposedon oneplus nord and colors are not the best the images have less details than what wehave on oneplus 6 though they look good for like posting on insta but they lack detailswheareas the colors on oneplus 6 are more on warmer side but it has better details andis more consistent so i think the front camera of oneplus 6 is definitely better though itmight change with gcam mod.

Coming to other tiny things , speaker volumeand quality out of these two devices the speaker on oneplus nord is louder and better but ithas more treble than i like to have on a device and the sound is a bit tinny but acceptable, so oneplus nord definitely has the edge here. And if you are still old school, oneplus 6packs that headphone jack for all your wired earphones and you can have the lowest possiblelatency in pubg with those whereas you need a dongle on oneplus nord.

Coming to the software part well both of theserun on oxygen os 10 based on android 10 and dont have any bloatware in them but oneplusnord is optimised quite heavily and you wont feel much difference in loading times as suchin most of the cases as it has 2gb ram extra and twice the storage of my oneplus 6.Though there is some shutter lag of like 1-2 seconds in some cases overall you wont feelmuch difference and here oneplus nord has the edge because android 11 will be the lastupdate for oneplus 6 series whereas give the oneplus nord is a new device you can expectupdates at least till android 12.

So oneplus nord is more future proof obviously. I think we have covered most of the thingsand to sum up well oneplus nord is definitely a well rounded smartphone as compared to oneplus6 where you get compromises with camera, charging speeds and updates.But if you can flash some roms and stuff on oneplus 6 ,and well i have covered tons ofthem already and for camera plus you can use a gcam mod to make things acceptable so ifyou want a device meant more for gaming and better performance i would still pick oneplus6. But a typical user needs a well rounded devicekeeping that in mind my pick would be oneplus nord.

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