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OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 Speed Test Comparison

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 Speed Test Comparison | SD 765G vs SD865

Let us do a speed test comparison between the OnePlus Nord and its bigger brother the OnePlus 8. Now although these 2 phones are not competing with each other, some of you requested me to make this video. And while we know that the OnePlus 8 is going to be faster, even I wanted to check out how big of a difference will we see. Now the OnePlus Nord comes with a midrange gaming centric Snapdragon 765G processor, where as the OnePlus 8 comes with the flagshipSnapdragon 865 processor.

The OnePlus Nord that I have here comes with8GB of RAM, and the OnePlus 8 that we see here comes with 12 GB of RAM. We will start with a boot up test. OnePlus 8 was about 5 seconds faster to bootup. Now I have cleared all the apps from memory,put both the phones on airplane mode so I won’t be disturbed by any calls betweenthe test, and they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 Speed Test Comparison

At-least they were till I powered them off. When both of them were turned on, OnePlus8 connected to the Wi-Fi network by itself, but for some reason I had to reconnected theNord to the wifi network between this test. Anyways, we will start by looking at the geekbenchscores of both these phones. Then we will open some basic apps and slowlymove on to the more demanding ones, followed by a RAM management round, to see how manyapps both of them have open in the background. OnePlus 8 is a bit quicker at opening theGeekbench 5 app.

Both the single and multi core score of theof the OnePlus 8 is way higher than the OnePlus Nord, which is to be expected due to the differencein specs on both these phones. But these benchmark scored don’t give usa complete idea of a phones everyday performance, so to check that let’s begin our speed testcomparison. OnePlus 8 is a hair faster in opening thesettings app. Next is calculator, and we see the same thing,8 is a hair faster than the Nord.

Next is the camera app, and OnePlus 8 is noticeablyfaster at opening it. I will switch to the front camera on both,to see if they can keep the camera app open in the background. Then we move to the Play store, and this iswhere I realised that the OnePlus Nord did not connect to the wifi network by itselfwhen I turned on both these phones. So after connecting it to the wifi networkand closing the Play store app on both the phones, I reopened it, and again the OnePlus8 was a bit faster in loading all the content on the Play store page.

Next is the chrome browser, and both openedit and the loaded the webpage at the same time. So this one is a Tie. Then we move on to twitter, and again bothloaded it at the exact same time. We see identical result while opening up Instagramand heading over to my profile page. Both loaded it at the same time. For youtube, OnePlus 8 was a hair faster,but the difference is barely visible. Netflix opened up a second quicker on theOnePlus 8.

Amazon Prime also loaded a few millisecondsquicker on the OnePlus 8. We saw same results with the Amazon Shoppingapp. Snapseed opened at the same time on both,so again its a tie. Now we move on to a few games, starting witha pretty basic one, the Subway Surfers. OnePlus 8 was about 4 seconds quicker at openingit. Next is Asphalt 9.

It is a heavy game, so let’s see which one loads it first. OnePlus 8 was able to load it first, but Nord was just 4 seconds behind it. Now I will open up everyone’s favorite game PUBG Mobile. OnePlus 8 was quicker, but the Nord was again just 5 seconds behind. So despite the huge difference in the specs and benchmark scores, We are yet to see a corresponding huge difference in the performance between these 2 phones. Next is Real Racing 3, and this is the first app where we see a big difference in the app load time between these 2 phones.

Then I opened Call of duty, and again the one plus 8 is much faster at opening it, and the Nord took about 10-15 more seconds to load it up. Finally here is VideoShop. 8 was a bit quicker in opening it. I will import the same 28-second 1080p video file on both. Both were equally quick at the import. Now we will slow the clips down to half their speed, which the OnePlus 8 was a bit faster at doing. And then exporting these clips to the gallery on both the phones.

OnePlus 8 flew through this task, and the Nord took 12 more seconds to export the clip to the gallery. So yes, the OnePlus 8 is faster at opening all the heavy apps, and even some of the basic ones. But you have to decide for yourself if the difference between their speeds is worth the difference between their price to you or not. Alright, now let’s go back and see which of these phones, have the most number of apps open in their memory.

Now, remember, the Nord that I have has 8GBof RAM and the OnePlus 8 has 12GB of RAM. Both of them had no problems keeping the last4 apps open in the background. But they had to reload the Asphalt 9. Now, this is because the game not very well optimized, to stay open in the background. Moving on, both had the Subway surfers and snapped open in the background. And both had to reload the Amazon Shopping app. Prime Video and Netflix were open in the background on both the phones. But the Nord had to reload the Youtube app.

While the Nord has the Instagram and Twitter app open in the background, for some reason, it takes more time to show these open apps. Both had a chrome tab open in the background, but the Nord had to reload the Google Play store app. None of them had the camera app open in the background. The calculator was in memory on both and Nord had to reload the Settings app. So while the OnePlus 8 had most of the apps if not all, open in the background, with 12 GB of RAM I expected a bit more out of it. Nords RAM management is also not that great in my opinion.

Leaving the few last opened apps, It also had to reload many apps. Hopefully, OnePlus will optimize the software a bit more with a few updates. So there you have it guys. Speed test comparison between the OnePlusNord and the OnePlus 8. Considering their price point, Let me know in the comments, which one you think did better.

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