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OPPO is now slated to release a phone called the A72 5G in China soon

The OPPO A72 5G and its unnamed MediaTek processor surface on Geekbench 5

OPPO is now slated to release a phone called the A72 5G in China soon. This phone is also thought to be called something like the Reno 10X Mark 2 in other markets. Its model number and yet-to-be-launched MediaTek SoC have appeared in another new leak that may show what they offer the consumer.

China Telecom has apparently accidentally leaked the OPPO A72 5G (or PDYM20) ahead of its launch. It stands out among upcoming mobile devices as it has a currently nameless platform for a processor. This company has subsequently added more detail to the page in question, its 6.5-inch display, RAM options and an 8MP front camera included.

They assert the new OPPO phone will come with 4, 6 or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage regardless of SKU. They will be priced at 1699 (~US$243), 1799 (~US$257) or 1999 (~US$286) yuan respectively. However, it still fails to confirm what its mystery processor is exactly. Its new apparent Geekbench leak does not fill much in on this subject, either.

According to the Chinese carrier, this SoC is called the MT6853V, which suggests it is a MediaTek product of some description. Geekbench bears this out, but only in part: it detects the alleged A72’s chipset as the ARM MT6853(ENG).

However, it does agree with the former leak in that it is clocked at 2.00GHz and has 8 cores. It has netted the new OPPO phone (which may be a mid-range 2020 Reno 10X variant on its international debut) an unprepossessing score that is in line with China Telecom’s assessment of it as an “economical and practical” phone.

Nevertheless, it will also apparently pack dual-mode 5G, and, possibly most impressively, a 90Hz display on its eventual launch.

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