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OPPO Reno 4 & Reno 4 Pro – OFFICIAL LOOK!!!

OPPO Reno 4 & Reno 4 Pro – OFFICIAL LOOK!!!

 Wassup guys so finally oppo reno 4 pro and oppo reno 4 has been started teasing and a couple of its hands on images and Official renders has surfaced in why bow arrow point self posted the official pictures of opal You know for pro on Weibo, this clearly means that oppa is planning to release their new series really soon Appa launched the.

Opera Note 3 Series last year with triple camera setup at the rear side and sixty-four Megapixel main sensor as a primary lens or poly note 3 pro had Helio P 95 SOC That doesn’t seems to be a flagship chipset for me at least but this year Oh boy is coming back with their new cities And we also have the official specs sheet of opera no.4 and 4 pro This picture was also shared on Weibo. And in this image.

We have clear details If you look at this image clearly then besides the camera here is mentioned ultra steady This points us towards the camera performance and apparently means that we will see much improved camera Stability in primary lens and this is kinda same thing that is happening on vevo X 50 Pro also But vivo X 50 Pro is having the next level stabilization as rumors claims that it will have gimbal like stability But opera you know for pro is not expected to have that much stabilization in its rear cameras.

Ok talking about the design then here we have the official hands own photo of opera no for Crowe we have this blue glow in color and opera is improving the color and design as well this year as You can see those big words reno glow that means there will be glowing colors this time on the rear sides of phones Well, it was enough with just that opal logo at your side.

But this reno glowing thing is out of thinking Why did aqua put these big words here? I mean this doesn’t make sense We can see and can easily feel and understand that this is glowing color or poly No for pro has a triple camera setup at the rear side with big circular shaped camera lenses But at least aqua has not made those metal rings around the cameras that are rumored to be on samsung galaxy note 20 series according to that spec sheet.

You know for pro will be having six point five five inches of display with curved edges and this is what this 3d letter actually means and At the front side according to renders there will be dual punch hold style camera set up with 32 Megapixel main sensor and a two megapixel depth sensor for your portraits bouquet blur while on operon afford There will be just a single punch hole camera off with at 32 megapixel lens talking about the rear camera shutter, then there will be main 48 megapixel camera with oh.

I yes and a secondary 13 megapixel telephoto camera and a third 12 megapixel camera that can take videos in night mode if we talk about the opening of four camera set up on the rear side Which includes a primary 48 megapixel shooter paired with an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 2 megapixel Black-and-white portrait lens there is going to be laser autofocus system as well which is also rumored to be on the galaxy note 20 and collection or 20 blurs to improve their autofocus problems which Samsung faced in their recently launched galaxy s 20 series Both devices.

will have 4,000 milliamps of battery and 65 watts of fast charging as well. There will be Snapdragon 765 G chipset in both of them I think that it is not such a great upgrade over the processor if we look at the market and the flagships coming nowadays then according to them and to compete with them or Portion must have gone with this snapper 1165 at least but Oprah decides to stay with snap demand sound 65g Design wise the Opera know for CDs looks so beautiful from rear side those cameras in vertical alignment are looking really cool on the other hand side the vanilla variant the open,

you know for will have 6.43 inches of display and for now nothing has been confirmed Regarding the Haier refrigerator panels if there were going to be any high refresh rate displays It should must was mentioned on that spec sheet But it seems like Oppo is staying with tau 90 Hertz or 120 Hertz panels maybe I am wrong, but It seems like opera is not including any higher depreciate panel this year and this can happen in only one case in order to make These devices cheap flagships or something like that.

But we’re not sure about those things. You can consider these specs for now Maybe these are incorrect but I have talked about every single spec that was leaked that was shared on Internet Do let me know what you think about these new upcoming devices from moko do Padrino for and for Crowe That’s all for now If you enjoy it, then press the like button and yes I would recommend you to subscribe to the channel for future tech updates and tech reviews and I’ll see you in the next one.

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