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Paranoid Android Quartz 4 Review & How To Flash ?

Paranoid Android Quartz 4 Review & How To Flash ?

Hey what is up guys this your host manik andas promised here is the full review of paranoid android quartz 4 rom and in this video let’sfind out if you should ditch your current rom and make an effort to switch over to thisone, but before we get into it make sure you hit that subscribe button and press the bellicon next to it so that you can be the first one to know when a new video arrives.

Anyways if you wish to have a look at allthe features and everything new in this update i would suggest you to watch the older videofirst and then come back to this one, So feature wise and everything this is a prettystable rom and i have been using it so far since the last 4 days or.

so and there areno issues so far , everything is rock solid and stable and te rom seems to be improvinga lot since the past few versions so that’s a great sign and the addition of nifty featureslike face unlock and app locker makes it a good replacement of oxygen os and honestlyi dont miss much from oxygen os but one thing that i really wanted this one to have is agaming mode So i get these annoying.

notifications whilegaming and it just disrupts the entire gameplay so for me and all those who play games ontheir smartphones well this is a deal breaker so keep that in mind.Apart from this the gamingperformance was great and no major heat up or anything was observed in my testing period, so other than gaming mode it runs just fine. Other things that i felt should have beenthere like a toggle switch to turn off sim cards, i think people use it frequently andi hope it gets added in the next update.

I did observe some glitches here and theresometimes and the provided aosp camera is slow and just does not work so you will haveto use a gcam mod and you can do that using this video here. But still its an extra effort and this needssome work. And in the battery department it performswell if not the best i could manage around 5 hrs of screen on time with half an hourof pubg which is on the good side also here are some screen on times that i got with thisone.

The security patch here is the latest oneof july 2020 and its a great thing plus there is ota support to update it to future versionseasily. And overall everything is just fine and youwont face any issues as far as my experience is concerned it’s a good alternative tostock but without some add ons that are much required these days.

So yeah that was it for this quartz 4 of paranoidandroid rom and now let’s see how you can flash this one on your oneplus device. So that’s it for now ,do like this videoand subscribe to see more content like this one in future and i will see you in the nextone.

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