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Pixel 4a or iPhone SE?

Pixel 4a or iPhone SE?

Hey there, Alex here. Since I think that the Pixel 4a and iPhoneSE are two of the best mid range phones in the market today, I thought it would be funto talk about the pros and cons of both devices, and which one might be more suitable for you. So, let’s start with the Pixel 4a. At just 499 SGD, it’s quite a bit cheaperthan the 128GB iPhone SE at 719 SGD.

Even though the difference isn’t reallyas big for prices in the US, Google chose not to mark up their devices this time round. So if you want the cheaper phone, this is it. While the specifications and build qualityof the phone are not quite as good as the iPhone SE, it’s still somewhat decent. The plastic body feels pretty solid, and itperforms well enough in day to day use.

It’s not as fast as the iPhone SE of course,but it’s a bit more enjoyable to use for me simply because of the larger screen. It works better for social media, taking photos,gaming, and pretty much everything that I would do on a phone. It has a headphone jack as well, so no needto deal with an adapter. And the stereo speakers sounds noticeablybetter than the ones on the iPhone SE.

If you are a heavier user, the Pixel 4a withits larger battery will be able to last a bit longer. It also comes with the 18W charger in thebox. In terms of software, Android is a more customisableand a less restrictive OS. So you can set your own default apps, changethe launcher, icons, and whatnot. I personally prefer the gesture navigationon Android as well, and it’s nice to be able to just plug in a USB-C drive for transferringlarger files. But the biggest reason to go for the Pixel4a, is definitely the camera performance.

It’s really consistent when it comes toimage quality, and most of the time you can get great looking images with almost no effort. Especially in terms of low light shots. Because the iPhone SE lacks any sort of Nightmode, the Pixel 4a just performs so much better. Front camera wise, even though my face probablystill looks sharper on the iPhone SE, I still prefer the Pixel 4a in terms of the widerview, nicer colours, better dynamic range, and better low light performance.

Video quality on the rear camera is probablystill a bit better on the iPhone SE, but the Pixel 4a is not that far behind. For the front camera, it’s the other wayround with the Pixel 4a having better dynamic range and stabilisation. So, next up, let’s talk about the reasonsto go for the iPhone SE instead. As mentioned earlier, the build quality andspecifications of the iPhone SE are simply better.

Metal and glass design, IP67 dust and waterresistance, and the A13 Bionic chipset is one of the fastest in the market today. Battery life is not quite as good if you useit heavily because of the much smaller battery, but standby battery life is actually prettygood. So for lighter usage, battery life might notbe that different. It supports wireless charging as well as 18Wfast charging, but those are not included in the box.

In terms of software, iOS is generally simplerand cleaner looking, and tends to have slightly better quality apps. And if you are a MacOS user, you can makeuse of additional features like airdrop and handoff as well. It’s not as customisable of course, butthe upcoming iOS 14 might help. And talking about updates, while Google onlypromises 3 years of software updates for the Pixel 4a, Apple typically supports their phonesfor a way longer period. Even the iPhone 6s from 2015 is going to getiOS 14.

This is probably the biggest selling pointof the iPhone SE. I’m pretty familiar with both iOS and Androiddevices, and typically, iOS devices tend to age a lot better. The duration of software support and the highend chipset means that a couple of years down the road, the iPhone SE will probably stillwork just fine, whereas it’s a little hard to say for the Pixel 4a.

The smaller battery might not age as well,but it’s a lot easier to get the battery replaced for an iPhone. So that’s about it. I think they are both excellent devices fortheir price point, and the longevity of the iPhone SE still makes it a good option, eventhough it is a bit more expensive. But if you normally use your devices for maybeless than 2 years, I think the Pixel 4a might still be more enjoyable to use.

As much as I like using the iPhone SE, thebigger screen on the Pixel 4a makes it more enjoyable for my type of usage, and that camerais just so good. Anyway, that’s just my personal preference. I am curious to know which one you guys wouldprefer more. So feel free to drop a comment and share yourthoughts with us as well. Thanks for watching, and see you guys on thenext one.

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