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Poco F2 Pro/Redmi K30 Pro – OnePlus 8 – Solving the dilemma

Poco F2 Pro/Redmi K30 Pro – OnePlus 8 – Solving the dilemma

Poco f2 pro is officialy on saleright now and I suspect it will be launched as the redmi K30 Pro inIndia and the pricing seems like that it would be pretty close to what the oneplus 8 costs here and because of almost similar pricing I believe it willbe a hard choice between the two and when the time is for hard choices I tryto make them easier for you.

because I am a good bot with no plans of turning eviland world domination later hey everyone Mukul here and if you arein a similar state like me and confused which phone to get between these twothen let me sort it out for you. by now I’m pretty sure you might have alreadyseparated the differences between these two phoneslet me filter out some pros and cons of both of these phones for you and helpyou choose one. so let’s start with the k30 pro aka poco f2 Pro. this phone hasa 3.5 mm jack on it. there I said it.

I still like it. it’s been a couple ofyears or more since phone started removing the 3.5 mm jack on them butstill there are not many options for USB C earphones.I don’t mind Bluetooth earphones but I think if they wanted to force us outfrom the 3.5 mm happy jack group then by now we should have at least a few USBc options too on earphones .

I mean the trend was supposed to be clearly likethat but it seems like we’d got lost somewhere. I mean it should be up to usif we want something wired or Wireless and not carry converters or have toworry about charging them later. so that’s a big freaking advantage on thephone. also because the phone runs at 60 Hertz which can be a disadvantage formany and as it has a larger battery as compared to one plus eight it issupposed to give you more battery backup. so I am suspecting the battery of thephone should be better than one plus eight.

now because of the pop-up selfiecamera there is no notch on the display I know I know many don’t mind camera notches on there displays now but the joy of having a clean display can’t reallyoutweigh notched botched displays. oh I got it right in the first go. the main camerasensor on poco f2 is newer and newer is always better so yeah deal with it.actually the new sensor is larger in size so it can definitely perform a bitbetter than oneplus 8’s old imx 586 sensor especially in low lights.

also it record 8k videos which are actually upscale 6k at 30fps. use it ornot it actually shows how far the new sensor can push. there is also atelephoto macro which is just an extra camera just lying there if you want touse that too for the kind of shot they showed in the presentation. the poco f2 starts at 500 US dollars right now which is two hundred US dollars lessthan the oneplus 8 and that which translates to thirty-five thousandrupees in India. which alone can be a big freakin factor for many consumersespecially during these uncertain times now let’s talk about some pros of 1+8.

ithas a ninety hurt screen which I know many would prefer especially if they game.and if you don’t game then I really don’t see the logic behind getting thisscreen. I personally anyway speed up my phone’s animation at 0.5X in developersettings and I don’t really care how smooth of one millisecond transition islooking between shifting apps. however if you play games which can easily touch 90FPS on a snapdragon 865 phone then yes there is a huge advantage in gettingthis phone.

right now one plus eight also supports EIS stabilization on its frontcamera which is another good advantage for those who use front camera more than rear cameras or if you are someone who loves vlogging inside their housesbecause of lockdown in many parts of the world. also one plus eight supports USB3.1 which might turn out faster when it comes to transferring data from phone toa PC or vice versa or to a laptop. also the UI on oneplus is super stock andbecause of that it is tremendously smooth and fluid and snappy and I amsure something else too.

and now because the Android 10 feels like a 10 out of 10operating system for phone having any skin over it is just not worth it. andespecially if you want to go through the hassle of rooting the phone and flashinga custom ROM on it. also one plus 8 is already out and if you need a phoneright now you can buy it in many countries the poco f2 Pro is availableon gearbest and Aliexpress but in countries like India where it will besold as K30 Pro there is no definite date or details still yet regarding whenit’s going to be launched. so these are some of the major differences in myopinion so let me sum this up for you.

if you’re a gamer as in a competitive gamer and by competition I mean playing daily with your friends online so thatlater you can boast how you out performed them and who really digs seeing 90 FPSon the screen and doesn’t mind a little less battery backup because of all thesefactors then definitely go with the oneplus 8 but yeah just for that advantage makesure you are going to spend more on the phone. also if you just can’t livewithout a stock UI experience and also don’t want to go through the hassle ofrooting a phone and injecting a custom ROM on it this is one of the bestoptions you have right now on a snapdragon 865 platform.

so do evaluateif the extra cost is worth it. on the other hand if you want to own a phonewith a newer main camera sensor and thus cheaper and doesn’t sacrifice much thenjust go with the poco f2 Pro aka K30 Pro. that is if you’re ok running ona phone which has a heavy skin aka miUI on it. the UI will certainly make thephone feels less snappier than oneplus but also keep in mind for all of thesame phone you would be paying $200 less or 100 pounds less or few thousand lesswhen it comes in India.

In india the price difference between these twophones might not be much in the end but that has to be revealed yet. for a secondlet’s assume the K30 Pro comes for 40000 rupees here and the 1 + 8 rightnow starts at 42 thousand rupees, I might still lean towards the K30 propersonally. the 3.5 mm jack, better battery, no notch on the display and atad better main camera and a marginally better battery are good reasons to stillgo for it.

we can just hope MIUI gets some sort of stabilization on the frontcamera for the video – so I hope I was able to help you here and you would bemaking the right decision for yourself considering in which category you wouldfall as a consumer.

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