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Poco X2 (Redmi k30) vs Oneplus 8 pro camera comparison

Poco X2 (Redmi k30) vs Oneplus 8 pro camera comparison

i swear this time i’m not going to makea oneplus 8 joke it’s nine by the way. just saying. hey everyone mukul here. so obviously youget better camera sensors and setup on the oneplus 8 probut i was really impressed with the kind of pictures poco x2 takes too.the poco x2 or the redmi k30 are the same i’m going to refer it as poco x2 in this video.

so when a friend recently bought the oneplus 8 pro i poked him till he gaveup and let me compare the x2 with his 8 pro.and some shocking discoveries were made during the rigorous testing we didtogether in fear of corona getting into thesensor of our eyes. wow we have a biotech expertright here. okay let’s start with the daytime shotsfirst. the x2 is crushing shadows way more than the 8 pro.but that is making the 8 pro look brighter. the details are absolutely thesame on both.

the impressive ultra wide of 8 pro proves itsworth in these shots just no comparison when it comes todetails. the 8 pros ultra wide sensor is the main sensor of the oneplus 8and oneplus nord so no surprises here. the 2x zoomon the x2 was actually as good as the 8 pro’s 3x zoom.yes the x2 has over sharpened the image more but it won’t look bad to again similar results here and yes you’re going to seea lot of that water tank in the next shots. in these next shots tooyou can see how better the 8 pro shot looks overall.

that sweet 8 pro sensor surely behaves excellent inchallenging dynamic range situations. but you can notice how well the x2 preservesthe details on its shots. there is noise but it definitely isimpressive. well something like this cat threateningthe dog here. in these 2x and 3x shots respectivelythe 8 pros picture and details looks betterbut the x2 isn’t doing bad too. considering it is one third the price.also for some weird reason i couldn’t stop imagining someone crashing on topof here with their butt. that’s just too much final destinationdude.

the color science of both the phones is totally different.i’m not commenting on that as this can be a personal choice.but in my experience the white balance of x2 was accurate in some casesand the 8 pros in some cases, well that’s weird but true.we have anyway not discovered aliens yet so don’t expect camera tech to be thisdamn perfect anyway. the portrait mode was over sharpened onthe x2 but no matter what it wasn’t full of details on the 8 pro either.but clearly the details on the x2 were better and let’s not comment on the edgedetection of the bokeh here. it was really okay onboth of them.

the macro shots captured on the x2 are lower in resolution.guess it tries to crop a picture more in an attempt of stabilizing the shot.but the 8 pro shot had more natural look to my opinion both shots are good if you don’t zoom and cropthe x2 shots. these shots were actually interesting.the x2 shot was somehow able to capture more range in this shoteven though the colors of the sky look more vibrant on the x2,it’s the 8 pro where the grass is greener on the other side.i mean this side.

and the details captured were better on the 8 pro onsome areas and better on the x2 in some yeah overall kind of a well maintained equilibrium. see i toldyou we got an expert biotech engineer right here. and quickly checking thepanorama shot the 8 pro was able to capture way more details with light onits shot. the faster processor is at a hugeadvantage here. the front camera shots were quitesimilar on both of them. if the x2 just stops its over sharpenedprocessing on the pictures the results were quite similar on theportrait front camera shots too. so yeah good competition by the x2 herein daytime shots.

let’s see some video samples now and this is how the video quality isfrom the rear camera at 4k 30 fps. the poco x2 has a very weaker processoron it but even then the video didn’t lookas if you are paying one third for this phone. even the dynamic range was fine onboth. the stabilization was just a tad betteron the 8 pro. and this is how the video quality isfrom the front camera at full hd 30 fps.stabilization on the 8 pro was definitely better in the front cameras.

but i don’t understand why the x2 has this weird habit of crushing the shadows.i mean a little post processing can fix some of this but who has the time forthat in the world where you get chicken biryani in a box that can be cookedunder *1 minute. that’s just not legit. the mic on the x2isn’t bad but the 8 pro captures more punch to the voice.this slo-mo video at 240 fps was also better on the 8 pro.strangely i couldn’t find a 960 fps on the 8 pro for the slo-mo.

which is weird as i have seen many phones do that now.yeah with crappy details on the video but hey if you can put many uselesscamera sensors on a phone just for marketing you can add thesefeatures too. the x2 had a 960 fps option to recordslo-mo on it. now before i begin the night shots youwould see on paper the imx 689 should just crush the image 686 but theuniverse and its coded processing had some other plans.this shot is without the night mode and wow x2 doesn’t look terribleat all except for that tiny noise in the shot the shot on the x2 looks a littlemore stabilized too but i did notice something whilst takingthe shots on the 8 pro in low lit scenarios.

the 8 pro in low light does take some time in processing the shot even whenit’s not taking in the nightscape mode. so it definitelydoes some extra processing or just opens up that aperture for morethan a few seconds to capture all that light in.and fails to hide it from the user. from a user. not from me though.and once i switch on the night mode everything just pops up.the 8 pro’s processing is definitely more natural but damn the x2isn’t bad too i mean for an average consumer theywon’t even care for the differences here if i wasn’t comparing the poco x2 shotwith the oneplus 8 pro here, i would have had almost no complaints about thephone’s camera at its price.

but yeah forget the ultra wide.performance here this wasn’t even the night modeon the 8 pro and you are just lucky that you were able to getthat good at comparable pictures from the primary sensor itself from the pocox2. don’t be so greedy man. just don’t. andhonestly even the 2x and 3x shots respectively look comparable from both.which was again a surprise. the macros as expected are another story though.way better on the 8 pro but in night mode the pictures came out comparable.even though they were just a little better on the 8 pro.

these standard shots are absolutely comparable. there is less noise on theskies on the 8 pro shot. but don’t forget it being compared to a device that is one third of its price,and this is third time i’m saying this. even the night mode looked good on bothtill i noticed a little blur on the x2 shot as i zoomed in.i should have taken more shots actually sorry for trying the ultra wide againthough but yeah they are there for you to clearly a pro-poser. yeah summers and heat do all that to me.clearly the shot here is better on the 8 pro the imx 689 definitely proved itsworth here.

so human subject from the rear camerasare processed better on the 8 pro but really who cares for humans. nobodytakes pictures of people anyway and yes no i’m not on instagram. or am i.but just look at that portrait the 8 pro just fails to capture details and morelight on the shot. the poco x2 isn’t winning any awardshere too but at least you can see stuff on its shot.i hope oneplus definitely fixes this in the future.the front picture is definitely noise free on the 8 pro.but the x2 does a decent job too the details are quite comparable.the portrait shots from the front camera had a similar story.

however the screen flash was processed much better on the x2.even though the background is more visible on the 8 pro the point of usingthe screen flash was illuminating your frigging face here and not those trees.let’s see some video samples now and this is how the video quality isin low light from the rear camera at 4k 30 fps you can go ultra wide and even zoomon the oneplus 8 pro but you can’t do the same onpoco x2. notice how jittery the x2 video was.blame the processor here. the details on the 8 pro was better too.

but could you notice the x2 managed to capture the extremely dim sky in thebackground like how the 8 pro did. this is how the video quality is atultrawide the oneplus 8 pro is obviously verysharp and more details on it the ultrawide had a similar story minusa little less visibility on far-off subjects.i’m extremely sweaty right now thanks to the extreme coldweather here and this is how the video quality isfrom the front camera at full hd 30 fps surprisingly poco x2 isn’t badwhen it comes to the camera quality from the front camera overall. i think ishould now return the phone to my friend. he has had enough of this.

and surprisingly the pogo x2’s front camera and low light was actually ableto capture a brighter face with more details on it.vloggers! rejoice! if you vlog in the there you have it if you own an x2 right now or are planning to buy a phonein that budget things are quite clear that how much ofa capable camera you are about to own i actually never imagined they would beso close with respect to each other but all this really makes me wonder ifthe imx 689 will eventually get even better with updates in the future.

i mean it has to otherwise if you spent all that money for the greatest setupon a oneplus flagship right now and the results are this close to a device which.but yeah those other features and a faster processor on the oneplus 8 prodoes give you more worth for your money but why should i care about it? this wasa camera comparison i’d be making a long term review of thepoco x2 soon it’s been long since i have been usingthe phone on and off for about two months now.

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