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Realme 6i Full Review – Better than Note 9 & Is It Worth Your Money ?

Realme 6i Full Review – Better than Note 9 & Is It Worth Your Money ?

What’s going on everyone, welcome to anothervideo on this channel ,so after a number of in depth tests on realme 6i the day has finallycome to share my experience so far with this device, before we get into it make sure youclick on that subscribe button and press the bell icon next to it so that you can be thefirst one to know when a new video arrives.

So i have attached links to the gaming test,camera test and unboxing in the cards on the top right corner in case you want to checkin depth about the performance of this device in each aspect. Anyways so i will start off with this display,well honestly it has been good so far, it is not the best one out there and you cannotcompare it with the quality

of an amoled ofcourse but you know what for this price having a90hz display feels good, you will get 60hz lcd from mst of other brands so this feelsrefreshing and the colors are quite good on this one so no major complaints with thisone. And this side mounted fingerprint scanneris as fast as it can get for any device at this price i found it to be even better thannote 9 pro max to be

honest it unlocks everytime and is quite accurate too. So overall the build quality is also great,the device feels solid in hand and even with a big battery the device does not feel bulkythough you should keep in mind that this back panel is plastic and the frame is also plastic, i like that this camera bump isnt that huge either and to protect it the supplied caseis good enough. Coming to the camera we have a 48 megapixelprimary sensor an 8megapixel ultrawide and rest of them are

namesake 2mp camera’sand i wont cover in depth regarding them you can watch the in depth camera test here. On the front we have a 16 megapixel camera. Here are some of the samples shot from backcamera and as you can see it produces some decent results for a budget device, the imagesshot in daylight look good and crisp and you can manage some really good quality shotswith this one.

Plus the back camera also has that portraitmode and here are some samples shot in that mode. Also here is a quick video sample just togive you buys a brief idea about the video quality from the back camera. Here are some of the samples shot from thefront facing camera of realme 6i as you can see the images look sharp and the colors aregood too if not the most natural. It also has that portrait mode and you getsome good quality shots in that mode too. Now coming to the overall performance andgaming, so i did not find any hint of lag or something and as you know this device runson realmeui built on top of android 10 which isnt the cleanest and it has a lot of bloatwaretoo most of which can be disabled including the ads.

However there was no hint of lag in day today scenarios or even while playing pubg for long sessions and you can watch an in depthgaming test here but do note that this device supports pubg in smooth and ultra only butyou can use gfx tool and get around 60fps without much frame drops and the device didhandle all the games including pubg really well which i did not expect from a mediatekprocessor so thumbs up for that.

And here are the benchmarks scores too. Coming to the battery life , this device hasa 4300mah battery and it also supports 30 watt fast charging though you will have tobuy a 30 watt charger from realme to get that as the device only comes with a 20 watt charger. The battery lasts easily for a full day ona single charge even with some gaming and heavy usage.

So no worries there and you canwatch an in depth charging test too, yeah yeah i got that covered too So i wont revealthe time it takes to charge completely ( hint: its close to 1h ) So in the battery department it is solid too,plus it also has a dedicated sd card slot so you can use 2 sim and an sd card whichis really a great thing to have and i had no issues with calls and network receptiontoo is just fine with this device plus both slots have volte support so you can use 2 jio sims at a time.

Lastly the speakers on this one are quitedecent and get plenty loud though the output doesnt have much bass to it for day to dayusage they are decent. To sum up you get a good display ,fast chargingat 30 watts , good performance and great battery life so with a price tag of 13000 you geta pretty decent package which makes it better than note 9 So a good option to buy at this price.

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