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Redmi 9 Review After 3 Weeks of Use – Watch Before You Buy

Redmi 9 Review After 3 Weeks of Use – Watch Before You Buy

Hey guys, its Mastarcard and welcome back to my channel. So, I have been using the new Redmi 9 for almost 3 weeks now and I would be sharing my thoughts as well as the pro and cons to help you decide if the redmi 9 isworth spending your money on in 2020.

the redmi 9 is powered by the all-newmediatek helio g80 processor which aims at bringing better gaming tolow end or entry-level devices it also comes in three variants you havethe low end 3g ram 32gb storage the mid-level 4G ram64gb storage and the high-end 6gram 128 gigabyte storage which willonly be available in china you’re also getting three colors carbongray sunset purple and ocean green.

i’m going to leave thetime stamps in the description below so that i can move on to sections thatinterest you the most if you’re not subscribed to my channelhit on that subscribe button below and also click the bell button to getnotifications when i post new videos by doing this you help our communitygrow and encourage me make interesting content like this that beingsaid let’s get into the video so i’m going to jump right into thebeauty.

of this device if you want to see an unboxing i’m going to put a link inthe description to my previous video where i did an unboxing and quickoverview of the device overall the design of the redmi 9 is not somethingwe have not seen before in fact it looks like the redmi k30excluding the 6.5 inches display the rest of the phone is covered in plasticwhich is what you should expect from an entry-level device but despite it beingplastic.

you get a feel of what it is to use a premium device the redmi 9is quite large coming in at the size of 6.4 inchesand even with large hands sometimes i find it difficult to gripso most times i just resort into using both hands you get an ir blaster at thetop which to be honest i’ve never used the power button and volume rockers onandroid and sim card tray is on the left a usb c connector speaker stereomicrophone and a 3.5 millimeter.

headphone jack isalso available for you to plug in your entanglement the quad camera setup which is one ofhis most vivid features is present at the back alongside the led flashcoming to the display you have a 6.5 inches ips lcd display with a resolutionof 1080p and 395 ppi density you also get somelevel of protection with conning gorilla glass 3.also let’s not forget the water drop style notch at the top which is my leastfavorite thing about the display i prefer a whole point style displaywith an ips lcd display your expectations should not be.

over the topyou get a large display if your angles are great the colors and contrast arejust about right but they could be better if youconsume media or play games a lot you will definitely enjoy using this displayalthough i have noticed that sections of the applications are a bit cut off ortucked into the screen but you can always turn off the notch ifyou don’t like it you also get dark mode out of the box which will definitely notsave your battery because it’s not an amoled displaybut you get a kind of different experience when using dark mode.

alsodark mode is a bit less aggressive to the eyesoverall the display is descent for the price but i think you might haveproblems with outdoor usage because it just has 400 units of brightnessand i think it’s not enough brightness under direct sunlighton the redmi 9 you get the mediatek helio g80 octa-core processor and themali g52 gpu doing the heavy lifting there are several storage optionsranging from 32gb to 128gb or 3g to 6gb we’re hoping to see miui 12very soon and it’s expected to bring better animations and improve theoverall.

user experience also if you don’t like the interface of the miui youcan slap on an android launcher like the nova launcher to general performance theredmi night will hold up to most of the apps you tracked it during your dailyusage after three weeks of using it i didn’texperience any major performance issues one thing i did notice is thatnotifications kind of come late and i think this is a software issueand we expected it to be fixed with the updates of miui 12.for benchmark test you have our 180k on antutu benchmark which is a giant leapfrom.

the 100k we saw on last year’s redmi the geekbench test you get a single course call of 367 and a multi-corescore of 1301 these are decent scores for anentry-level device which is selling for about 150 dollarssince the helio g80 is a gaming processor you have to play heavy gametitles on the redmi nine playing games on medium settings willrun smoothly but one issue i had was with asphalt 9where i had a bit of lag and some freezing while playing onmedium settings i also played pubg and call of duty onmedium settings and they ran fine so playing.

games on the redmi 9shouldn’t be a problem you also have the gyroscope as one ofthe sensors on the redmi 9 so you should be able to play pubg withgyroscope enabled power management on redmi note is decent you get a whooping5 000 milliamp battery here and also it’s capable of 18watts fast charging one thing to note is that you get 10watt fast charging in the box although it’s capable of 18 watt charging i usedthe 22w charging brick from the redmi note 9s to charge the redmi 9 and i wasable to get it with 2 hours 30 minutes of chart timefrom zero.

to 100 with heavy usage and what i mean byheavy usage is social media gaming hotspot you should be able to getaway with a complete day without charging your phonebut depending on kind of apps you run you can also have an extended usage ofabout two days before you have to charge the phoneaudio on the redmi note is quite good i didn’t have any issues when making phonecalls it has a total of three microphones andthis is.

how it should sound when you’re holding it hey guys it’smasaka this is me holding the phone like i would make a phone callthis is how the microphone sounds you also get a down firing speaker whichis in fact very loud so i was playing music in this room andi walked out to the other room and i still could hear the music it wasdefinitely loud this is how it sounds coming to the camera i didn’t have thebest experience with the redmi 9 camera at the front you have an 8 megapixelcamera.

that can shoot 1080p at 30 frames per second for selfies andportraits using the front-facing camera i got different results in differentlighting conditions you get some details in the pictures andthe skin tones are alright portrait mode works fine but edge detection could bebetter at night the pictures are just okay butoverall i would give it a pass for selfie videos it’s not any betterthe camera is decent here’s how it performs so this is thefront-facing camera of the redmi 9 and i’m currently just using theinternal microphone of the camera.

and you should know how the audio soundsone thing i did notice the audio and video coming out of the front-facingcamera are not a sync here’s a sound for video to show thathey guys it’s mastercard so i just found out that the audioand the video of the redmi 9 doesn’t sync upwhen you use the selfie camera so this is my video explaining to you that theaudio and video are not synced drop a commentin the comment section if the audio and videoare both synced at the rear you get a quad camera setup that consists of a 30megapixel.

main shooter 8 megapixel for ultra wide 5 megapixelfor macro and 2 megapixel for depth sensing i like that we have an ultrawhite camera here it allows you to take wider shots and gives a differentperspective to your images outdoors images are nice you get a lotof details in the images it has good dynamic range and the colorslook great the macro camera on the other hand still needs a bit of worki found the images in a bit blurry and doesn’t have a lot of details to itat night you get some decent pictures which are just okay but don’t expect toget amazing pictures.

because there is no night mode on the red mid 9.for videos you can shoot 1080p at 30 frames per secondand also you can do slow-mo at 720p with 120 frames per secondfrom my test i would say it performed okay but i’ll let you decideso i’m gonna focus on the sky for a bit and move it down to see how the lightsadjust it’s a bit fast a bit decent well to my conclusion is the redmi 9good enough i would say yes if you’re on a budget and you’re lookingfor device to buy around 150 or 140 euros you should go for the redminote.

it’s definitely better than competitionin the market but if you have a more flexible budget i think you should gofor the redmi note 9s it’s a better deal than redmi 9 and youget more value for money i’m going to be making a comparison ofthe redmi 9 and the redmi note 9s so click on that subscribe button alsoclick the bell button to be one of the first to see these videosuntil next time i am mastercard peace you





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